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Express-News readers’ top questions about coronavirus in San Antonio answered

The IRS already has your banking information on file if you receive Social Security retirement payments. You will indeed receive a stimulus check for $1,200. The answer is the same for those receiving disability payments or survivor benefits through Social Security — the IRS already has your information.

Those who don’t receive such benefits and didn’t file taxes in 2018 or 2019 because San Antonio News their income was too low or for other reasons may visit the IRS’ economic stimulus payments website at and use the “Non-Filers” application to enter their personal and banking information.

For those who file taxes, the IRS is launching a “Get My Payment” application this month on that same website so taxpayers can check the status of their payments and whether they will be electronically deposited or sent by mail. Taxpayers can also provide their bank account information through this application if the IRS doesn’t have their direct deposit information on file and if their check hasn’t been mailed yet.

The Express-News has a bar graph on its home page at that shows the cumulative number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and the increase day by day. Look on the right side of the home page for “Coronavirus cases in the San Antonio area.” Also, in the daily Coronavirus section of the newspaper, you’ll find a full-page informational graphic titled “The outbreak in Texas.” Near the middle of that page is a bar graph showing the number of new cases identified in the San Antonio region by date.

Why aren’t they doing more to stop people from breaking the Stay At Home order? I saw over 1,000 warnings issued last week.

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As of Monday, the city had issued more than 1,600 warnings and issued 26 citations for alleged violations. City officials said the COVID-19 pandemic has posed great challenges for everyone and that education is an important part of their enforcement efforts. They noted that repeat offenders were ticketed and that certificates of occupancy were revoked in some cases.

How do you distinguish congestion in the lungs and coughing from seasonal tree pollen and mold allergies from COVID-19 here in San Antonio? Also, back in December, early January, I had a bad dry cough that took weeks to shake, which I attributed to cedar pollen. Furthermore, during this time, lots of people in my office were also having similar allergy issues, making us wonder if our office was a “sick” office with mold. Is it possible this was an early, less lethal form of COVID-19 circulating?

It’s highly unlikely what you experienced was anything related to COVID-19.

The first case of COVID-19 in the United States was confirmed Press Release Distribution Services In San Antonio on Jan. 21 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The case surfaced in a patient in Washington state who had returned Jan. 15 from Wuhan, China, where an outbreak of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus began in December, the CDC said.

Allergies don’t cause dry coughs and fevers, said Dr. Erika Gonzalez of the South Texas Allergy and Asthma practice. Those symptoms could stem from the flu or another virus, she said.

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