A birthday gift: Israeli woman donates kidney to Gaza boy

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Idit Harel Segal, who donated a kidney to a Palestinian kid from the Gaza Strip, poses for a representation successful her location successful Eshhar, bluish Israel, Tuesday, July 13, 2021. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

ESHHAR – Idit Harel Segal was turning 50, and she had chosen a gift: She was going to springiness 1 of her ain kidneys to a stranger.

The kindergarten teacher from bluish Israel, a arrogant Israeli, hoped her prime would acceptable an illustration of generosity successful a onshore of perpetual conflict. She was spurred by memories of her precocious grandfather, a Holocaust survivor, who told her to unrecorded meaningfully, and by Jewish tradition, which holds that there’s nary higher work than redeeming a life.

So Segal contacted a radical that links donors and recipients, launching a nine-month process to transportation her kidney to idiosyncratic who needed one.

That idiosyncratic turned retired to beryllium a 3-year-old Palestinian lad from the Gaza Strip.

“You don’t cognize me, but soon we’ll beryllium precise adjacent due to the fact that my kidney volition beryllium successful your body,” Segal wrote successful Hebrew to the boy, whose household asked not to beryllium named owed to the sensitivities implicit cooperating with Israelis. A person translated the missive into Arabic truthful the household mightiness understand. “I anticipation with each my bosom that this country volition win and you volition unrecorded a agelong and steadfast and meaningful life.”


Just aft an 11-day war, “I threw distant the choler and vexation and spot lone 1 thing. I spot anticipation for bid and love,” she wrote. “And if determination volition beryllium much similar us, determination won’t beryllium thing to combat over.”

What unfolded implicit the months betwixt Segal’s determination and the June 16 transplant caused heavy rifts successful the family. Her hubby and the oldest of her 3 children, a lad successful his aboriginal 20s, opposed the plan. Her begetter stopped talking to her.

To them, Segal recalled, she was unnecessarily risking her life. The nonaccomplishment of 3 relatives successful Palestinian attacks, including her father's parents, made it adjacent much difficult.

“My household was truly against it. Everyone was against it. My husband, my sister, her husband. And the 1 who supported maine the slightest was my father,” Segal said during a caller interrogation successful her mountaintop location successful Eshhar. “They were afraid.”

When she learned the boy’s identity, she kept the details to herself for months.


“I told nary one,” Segal recalled. “I told myself if the absorption to the kidney donation is truthful harsh, truthful evidently the information that a Palestinian lad is getting it volition marque it adjacent harsher.”

Israel has maintained a choky blockade implicit Gaza since Hamas, an Islamic militant radical that opposes Israel’s existence, seized power of the country successful 2007.

The bitter enemies person fought 4 wars since then, and fewer Gazans are allowed to participate Israel. With Gaza’s wellness attraction strategy ravaged by years of struggle and the blockade, Israel grants introduction permits to tiny numbers of aesculapian patients successful request of superior treatments connected humanitarian grounds.

Matnat Chaim, a nongovernmental enactment successful Jerusalem, coordinated the exchange, said the group’s main executive, Sharona Sherman.

The lawsuit of the Gaza lad was complicated. To velocity up the process, his father, who was not a lucifer for his son, was told by the infirmary that if helium were to donate a kidney to an Israeli recipient, the lad would “immediately spell to the apical of the list,” Sherman said.


On the aforesaid time his lad received a caller kidney, the begetter donated 1 of his ain — to a 25-year-old Israeli parent of two.

In immoderate countries, reciprocity is not permitted due to the fact that it raises the question of whether the donor has been coerced. The full ethic of organ donation is based connected the rule that the donors should springiness of their ain escaped volition and get thing successful return.

In Israel, the father’s donation is seen arsenic an inducement to summation the excavation of donors.

For Segal, the acquisition that had sparked specified struggle successful her household accomplished much than she hoped. Her kidney has helped prevention the boy’s life, generated a 2nd donation and established caller links betwixt members of perpetually warring groups successful 1 of the world’s astir intractable conflicts. She said she visited the lad connected the eve of his country and maintains interaction with his parents.

Segal said she honored her gramps successful a mode that helps her header with the grief of his decease 5 years ago. The donation was an enactment of autonomy, she said, and she ne'er wavered. And yet her household came astir — a gift, perhaps, successful itself.


She said her hubby understands amended now, arsenic bash her children. And connected the eve of Segal’s surgery, her begetter called.

“I don’t retrieve what helium said due to the fact that helium was crying,” Segal said. Then, she told him that her kidney was going to a Palestinian boy.

For a moment, determination was silence. And past her begetter spoke.

“Well,” helium said, “he needs life, also.”


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