Ashes bolter reveals secret to stunning century

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Queensland opener Bryce Street has opened up connected his superb period for Australia A against the England Lions, with the sound rocketing him into Ashes calculations.

Street scored an unbeaten 119 successful Australia A's 2nd innings, putting his sanction up arsenic a imaginable replacement for David Warner, whose status for the 2nd Test is inactive uncertain.

With Usman Khawaja scoring a full of 16 runs successful 2 innings against the Lions, Street is an extracurricular changeable astatine replacing Warner successful Adelaide, should the seasoned opener beryllium ruled out.

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The 23-year-old said helium was capable to enactment successful a bully show by not "chasing" a enactment for the Australian Test side.

Street scored an unbeaten 119 successful Australia A's 2nd innings against the England Lions (Getty)

"Sometimes the harder you deliberation astir it and the harder you pursuit the selection, the harder you marque it for yourself," helium told 4BC.

"Going into that Australia A game, if you would've told maine successful 3 oregon 4 days clip that each of a abrupt my sanction would beryllium brought up to unfastened successful the Ashes series, I'd beryllium like, 'No way, perfectly nary chance'.

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"I conscionable went retired determination to clasp what was a truly awesome acquisition for maine and to larn a fewer things and to measurement up to different level of challenge.

"I conscionable effort to marque the astir of each accidental that I tin get erstwhile I get a accidental to get retired and beryllium successful the middle. That's arsenic elemental arsenic it is for me, from determination the remainder takes attraction of itself."

David Warner is nary certainty to enactment up successful the Adelaide Test arsenic helium recovers from bruised ribs (Getty)

When questioned implicit what helium had learned astir by being surrounded by Australia's planetary stars, Street pointed to their quality to "self-coach" themselves.

"The happening I've astir picked up is the magnitude of self-coaching that goes connected among what I've seen successful planetary players," helium said. "They recognize their games truthful good that they are their ain champion resource."

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"It's astir arsenic if they usage the manager to springiness feedback to them connected what they privation to see. Rather than the manager saying, 'Oh, it looks similar you're doing this', it's like, 'Hey coach, tin you support an oculus connected this, this and this ... and it each should decorativeness with X product'.

"No one's determination to clasp your manus erstwhile you're successful the mediate of the ground. So if you're incapable to assistance yourself successful the mediate of a batting innings past nary 1 can, unless you're coming disconnected for luncheon oregon tea. Being your ain champion manager is simply a large spot due to the fact that it allows you to accommodate and set precise quickly."

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