Urgent attraction clinics experiencing longer hold times with COVID cases risings successful the San Antonio country

Bexar County wellness  attraction   workers proceed  reporting threats, harassment arsenic  COVID-19 cases surgeBexar County wellness attraction workers proceed reporting threats, harassment arsenic COVID-19 cases surge

San Antonio – Harassment and threats person go the latest stressors added to those moving connected the frontlines during the pandemic.

Local healthcare workers accidental it’s happening astatine work, dealing with disgruntled patients coming to them erstwhile they are sick oregon injured.

Joseph Dominguez, Physician Assistant astatine Quality Urgent Care, shared his acquisition during this COVID-19 surge.

“When you spot arsenic galore patients arsenic we’re seeing now, we’re trying to accommodate this pandemic successful the investigating efforts and treatments. It’s precise hard to ever support to a schedule,” Dominguez said.

Longer hold times are backmost acknowledgment to the caller surge successful COVID cases.

Dominguez said unhappy patients are taking their choler implicit it retired connected staff.

“Patients calling you names, fundamentally expressing however disgruntled they are with the hold time,” Dominguez said.

Dr. Nimesh Patel, the Medical Director for Quality Urgent Care of America said healthcare workers are being mistreated similar getting spit on, cars being keyed, their belongings being stolen and wide harassment.


Last week, KSAT reported San Antonio infirmary employees were being threatened.

Dominguez said they volition support doing the champion they can.

“We are each doing our champion to instrumentality attraction of each and each 1 of you with the astir due care,” Dominguez said.

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