Biden says US combat mission in Iraq to conclude by year end

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WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden said Monday the U.S. combat ngo successful Iraq volition reason by the extremity of the year, an announcement that reflects the world connected the crushed much than a large displacement successful U.S. policy.

Even earlier Biden took office, the main U.S. absorption has been assisting Iraqi forces, not warring connected their behalf. And Biden did not accidental if helium planned to trim the fig of troops successful Iraq, present astir 2,500.

The announcement comes connected the heels of Biden’s determination to retreat afloat from Afghanistan astir 20 years aft the U.S. launched that warfare successful effect to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Together, the wars successful Afghanistan and Iraq person heavy taxed the U.S. subject and kept it from devoting much attraction to a rising China, which the Biden medication calls the biggest semipermanent information challenge.

For years, U.S. troops person played enactment roles successful Iraq and successful neighboring Syria, which was the root of the Islamic State radical that swept crossed the borderline successful 2014 and captured ample swaths of Iraqi territory, prompting the U.S. to nonstop troops backmost to Iraq that year.


Speaking to reporters during an Oval Office league with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Biden said his medication remained committed to a concern with Iraq — a narration that has been progressively analyzable by Iranian-backed Iraqi militia groups. The militias privation each U.S. troops retired of Iraq instantly and person periodically attacked bases that location American troops.

Dan Caldwell, a elder advisor to Concerned Veterans for America, said U.S. troops volition stay astatine risk.

“Regardless of whether their deployment is called a combat mission, U.S. troops volition stay nether regular onslaught arsenic agelong arsenic they stay successful Iraq,” Caldwell said successful a statement. “An American subject beingness successful Iraq is not indispensable for our information and lone risks the nonaccomplishment of much American life.”

Biden said the U.S. subject volition proceed to assistance Iraq successful its combat against the Islamic State group, oregon ISIS. A associated U.S.-Iraq connection said the information narration volition beryllium focused connected training, advising and intelligence-sharing.


"Our shared combat against ISIS is captious for the stableness of the portion and our counterterrorism cognition volition continue, adjacent arsenic we displacement to this caller signifier we’re going to beryllium talking about,” Biden said.

The displacement from a U.S. combat relation to 1 focused connected grooming and advising the Iraqi information forces was announced successful April, erstwhile a associated U.S.-Iraqi connection said this modulation allowed for the removal from Iraq of immoderate remaining U.S. combat forces connected a timetable to beryllium determined later. It did not specify what combat functions the U.S. was engaged successful then, nor did Biden get into specified specifics connected Monday.

“We’re not going to be, by the extremity of the year, successful a combat mission,” helium said.

White House property caput Jen Psaki declined to accidental however galore troops would stay successful Iraq by year's end.

"The numbers volition beryllium driven by what is needed for the ngo implicit time, truthful it is much astir moving to a much advising and grooming capableness from what we person had implicit the past respective years,” she said.


The U.S. unit beingness has stood astatine astir 2,500 since precocious past twelvemonth erstwhile then-President Donald Trump ordered a simplification from 3,000.

The Iraqi authorities successful 2017 declared triumph implicit the Islamic State group, which is present a ammunition of its erstwhile self. Still, it has shown it tin transportation retired high-casualty attacks. Last week, the radical claimed work for a roadside bombing that killed astatine slightest 30 radical and wounded dozens successful a engaged suburban Baghdad market.

In his remarks alongside Biden, al-Kadhimi thanked the United States for its support.

Back home, al-Kadhimi faces nary shortage of problems. Iranian-backed militias operating wrong Iraq person stepped up attacks against U.S. forces successful caller months, and a bid of devastating infirmary fires that near dozens of radical dormant and soaring coronavirus infections person added caller layers of vexation for the nation.


For al-Kadhimi, the quality to connection the Iraqi nationalist a day for the extremity of the U.S. combat beingness could beryllium a feather successful his headdress earlier elections scheduled for October.

Biden medication officials accidental al-Kadhimi besides deserves recognition for improving Iraq’s lasting successful the Mideast. Last month, King Abdullah II of Jordan and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi visited Baghdad for associated meetings — the archetypal clip an Egyptian president has made an authoritative sojourn since the 1990s, erstwhile ties were severed aft Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

The Iraqi premier curate made wide earlier his travel to Washington that helium believes it’s clip for the U.S. to upwind that ngo down.

“There is nary request for immoderate overseas combat forces connected Iraqi soil,” al-Kadhimi told The Associated Press past weekend.


The U.S. ngo of grooming and advising Iraqi forces has its astir caller origins successful President Barack Obama’s determination successful 2014 to nonstop troops backmost to Iraq. The determination was made successful effect to the Islamic State group’s takeover of ample portions of occidental and bluish Iraq and a illness of Iraqi information forces that appeared to endanger Baghdad. Obama had afloat withdrawn U.S. forces from Iraq successful 2011, 8 years aft the U.S. invasion.

Pentagon officials for years person tried to equilibrium what they spot arsenic a indispensable subject beingness to enactment the Iraqi government’s combat against IS with home governmental sensitivities successful Iraq to a overseas unit presence.

The vulnerability of U.S. troops was demonstrated astir dramatically successful January 2020 erstwhile Iran launched a ballistic rocket onslaught connected al-Asad aerial base successful occidental Iraq. No Americans were killed, but dozens suffered traumatic encephalon wounded from the blasts. That onslaught came soon aft a U.S. drone onslaught killed Iranian subject commandant Qassim Soleimani and elder Iraqi militia commandant Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis astatine Baghdad International Airport.



Associated Press writer Samya Kullab contributed to this report.

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