Children’s Bereavement Specialist shares ideas to help children who witness traumatic events

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The Children’s Bereavement Center provides grief enactment services for implicit 15,000 radical

Specialist shares ideas to assistance   children who witnesser  traumatic eventsSpecialist shares ideas to assistance children who witnesser traumatic events

San Antonio – San Antonio Police investigated 2 antithetic cases Tuesday wherever children were forced to witnesser a traumatic event.

First, an overnight standoff ended with constabulary shooting a suspect. It happened successful the 3100 artifact of Roosevelt Avenue. When constabulary entered the home, a pistillate was dormant with 3 children nearby.

Over connected the city’s East Side, 3 different children pb authorities to a gruesome country successful the 1500 artifact of Upland Road astir 4 a.m. Officers discovered a bloody country and the children’s parent was found stabbed successful a bathtub.

The children successful some cases are safe, but what happens aft traumatic events similar these?


“After a traumatic event, immoderate PTSD symptoms whitethorn arise. Something mightiness look similar nightmares, it could beryllium flashbacks and could beryllium the kid being hyper vigilant, jumpy,” said Marcella Hayes, trauma focused certified counselor.

Hayes said children tin besides acquisition headaches, tummy aches and digestive symptoms.

She works astatine the Children’s Bereavement Center of South Texas, which provides counseling and adjacent enactment services for children and families erstwhile a loved 1 has died.

She said if you don’t code these traumatic events, determination could beryllium superior consequences for them down the line.

“There could beryllium ongoing anxiety, depression, affectional distress, not knowing what a steadfast narration looks like,” Hayes said.

Hayes said determination are antithetic ways the halfway helps children code traumatic events.

“We volition commencement with psychoeducation, getting a steadfast cognition astir the traumatic event, helping them relax, self-regulate, helping them place their feelings,” Hayes said.


The halfway besides branches retired to children astatine school.

“We person our teams going retired to the schools and providing services for those children,” Hayes said.

She said each lawsuit is antithetic but determination are galore resources retired there.

Currently, the halfway is providing grief enactment services to much than 15,000 people.

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