City working to improve San Antonio taxpayer-funded workforce training program

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SAN ANTONIO – The City of San Antonio says immoderate issues with the one-year workforce grooming programme hindered the occurrence for immoderate to commencement oregon implicit the program. As the Train for Jobs SA programme winds down, the metropolis is gearing up to motorboat the caller voter-approved SA: Ready to Work programme successful December.

Erica Cardenas, a azygous mom, says the Train for Jobs SA programme helped her get her GED and is presently helping her done a bookkeeping people at Restore Education, a grooming school.

“I yet anticipation to unfastened my ain concern absorption concern to assistance different radical tally their concern and bash their books and consult them connected what to bash and what not to do,” she said.

Cardenas said she felt stuck successful her aged occupation arsenic a server.

“You tin spell anyplace and marque money. But it’s ne'er a career. You’re ne'er going to determination guardant successful that,” Cardenas said.

She’s 1 of the occurrence stories the City of San Antonio says has travel from the taxpayer-funded, one-year program.


Michael Ramsey, the recently hired enforcement manager of Workforce Development, says his occupation volition beryllium to look astatine what worked and what didn’t from the one-year programme and instrumentality those lessons implicit to the four-year, voter-approved SA: Ready to Work program.

“We request to guarantee that we’re perpetually evaluating which programs that are eligible for grooming backing to guarantee that they’re really gathering the needs of our section employers,” Ramsey said.

On Tuesday, the COSA Economic Development released the latest information regarding the $75 cardinal one-year COVID-19 Workforce Recovery Program, which was portion of its Recovery & Resiliency plan. More than 2,000 radical received stipends, adding implicit $5.7 million.


More than 6,000 radical initially showed involvement successful the program, but lone astir 3,000 person received short- oregon semipermanent training, on-the-job grooming oregon finished their GED. Of that, 584 radical are searching for jobs, and 434 person recovered jobs done the program.

Ramsey says 1 of the lessons learned from the one-year programme is people’s challenges with kid care. He says much than anticipated were besides funny successful the semipermanent grooming courses.

Train for Jobs SA was acceptable to extremity successful September, but the programme is present extended till the extremity of the year, giving the metropolis much clip to hole for the motorboat of SA: Ready to Work.

In November, voters approved the $154 cardinal programme by shifting a 1/8 cent income taxation that funded the aquifer extortion programme and the instauration of linear Creekway Parks.

Ramsey says his imaginativeness is to bid radical for the needed and disposable jobs successful our area.

“Making definite that our digit is connected the pulse of what the radical successful the assemblage request and privation and engaging our employers astatine a level to marque definite that our grooming programs are aligned to what they’re hiring,” helium explains.


For much accusation connected the city-funded grooming program, click here. 

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