Classroom Confessionals: ‘I am a student... and I definitely can not handle having a mask on all day’

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SAN ANTONIO – In KSAT’s Classroom Confessionals parents, educators and students person shared their thoughts connected returning to in-classroom learning for the 2021-2022 world year.

Nearly 700 submissions by KSAT readers person fixed penetration into the thoughts of locals arsenic COVID-19 cases surge, disguise mandates get thrown retired and reinstated and ineligible battles betwixt politicians ramp up.

COVID-19 outbreaks person already temporarily unopen down respective schoolhouse districts successful Texas and San Antonio districts person continued to modify wellness protocols as authorities and section politicians play governmental tug-of-war with disguise policies.


The large disguise statement has caused immoderate disorder successful caller weeks and rightfully truthful - adjacent districts are having a hard clip determining which adjacent steps to instrumentality and immoderate person waffled connected their policies.

Here’s a tiny breakdown - Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive bid connected June 5 that prohibited schoolhouse districts, among others, from mandating masks. He followed this with different executive bid connected July 29, which further removed section governments’ abilities to enact policies similar requiring radical to deterioration masks.

Then connected Aug. 10, Bexar County Civil District Court Judge Toni Arteaga issuing a temporary restraining bid against Abbott’s bid and allowing Bexar County Health Authority to contented a health directive, allowing nationalist schools to necessitate masks.


This was followed connected Aug. 15, by the Texas Supreme Court ruling successful favour of Abbott’s enforcement bid and erstwhile again banning disguise mandates successful Bexar County. Then 1 time aboriginal connected Aug. 16, Arteaga again ruled successful favour of Bexar County. Arteaga’s ruling granted a impermanent injunction that prevents the enforcement of Abbott’s enforcement order. This was imaginable due to the fact that the Texas Supreme Court’s ruling allowed for the injunction hearings to continue.

Abbott and Texas Attorney Gen. Ken Paxton are expected to entreaty Arteaga’s decision.


Due to the on-again, off-again disguise scenario, respective San Antonio schoolhouse districts are requiring masks portion others are lone encouraging mask-wearing. You tin find links to San Antonio-area schoolhouse district’s COVID-19 plans here.

Please enactment that the spectator responses to the Classroom Confessional punctual which person been published beneath were submitted earlier tribunal rulings connected Aug. 15 and Aug. 16. The responses person not been altered successful immoderate way.

There are inactive much responses to stock and if you privation to measurement in, you tin bash truthful beneath successful the punctual astatine the extremity of the article. Your remark could beryllium published successful the adjacent Classroom Confessional.

You tin find much inheritance accusation astir wherever things basal presently and the latest acquisition quality successful our back-to-school section.


I person a 4 twelvemonth aged who was excited astir going to schoolhouse this year, unluckily I won’t beryllium enrolling her due to the fact that I americium not going to let my kid to acquisition schoolhouse successful this way. Wearing a disguise each time for a 4 twelvemonth aged is torture. She can’t adjacent support it connected successful HEB fto unsocial hours successful school.


Our politician is simply a mediocre excuse for a leader! He threatens to bring down the hammer, truthful to speak, if section governments found disguise mandates again but past turns astir and asks for national assistance to combat COVID. He’s portion of the problem, helium needs to get retired of the way!!


I judge kids should spell backmost to schoolhouse I look astir erstwhile up and astir about stores and spot a batch of kids with retired disguise but those are the aforesaid parents that privation kids to larn from location and mandate disguise which is good but it should b by choice


Our Governor signs into instrumentality immoderate of the nation’s strictest laws regarding a women’s ENTIRE BODY & her reproductive choices,but erstwhile it comes to the GENERAL PUBLIC’S HEALTH during a planetary pandemic,he promotes & enforces disguise bans for radical because, “They person the idiosyncratic close & responsibility..


My lad is successful NEISD and starts 6th people connected the 16th. I americium livid that, arsenic parents, our hands are tied. There is nary disguise mandate and determination is nary enactment for virtual schooling. Where are our options!? Safety and wellness is not a governmental statement. Do amended NEISD


Kids volition interaction their look much if they person disguise on. I privation my kid to spell to schoolhouse wherever helium is not forced to deterioration a disguise each time it volition creat a precocious anxiousness concern for my toddler.


I’m pulling my 2 simple schoolhouse children retired of nationalist school. Private options are not affordable. Optional masks, nary wellness screening, nary societal distancing nary interaction tracing. I volition not hazard the wellness of my kids. Subject them to bullying and adjacent pressure. Playing authorities with health, tragic


I deliberation it should beryllium a prime NOT FORCED. If you privation to deterioration the disguise past bash truthful don’t unit everyone that is NOT FREEDOM


Everyone inactive forgets the #1 contented and Ron and Wolf ne'er speech astir it. 60% of Hispanic adults successful Bexar are unvaxed. Their messaging is mediocre and inconsistent, get those radical vaxed.


As a parent of 2 schoolhouse property children. I deliberation it’s rather hypocritical of the Governor Abbott to petition retired of authorities assistance. Yet, helium is not taking into relationship that children nether 12 are not yet vaccinated. Last I heard helium was a governor, not a doctor. Listen to aesculapian professionals for once!


As a genitor I should beryllium allowed however I grip my child’s and my ain healthcare. We should not beryllium dictated by the government. The vaccine has proven it DOES NOT forestall you from getting COVID…it’s not going distant folks. You and you unsocial are liable for your ain health.


There is nary uncertainty successful my caput that sending my kids to schoolhouse this twelvemonth is much unsafe than past year. I person a 6 twelvemonth older and a 9 twelvemonth older some are not eligible to get the vaccine. I consciousness similar I’m sending my kids retired successful the battleground hoping they travel backmost without Covid each azygous day.


My past schoolhouse territory ne'er decently enforced information protocols successful the archetypal place. Teachers were bullied for having concerns astir their information and well-being. Optics was each that mattered. This twelvemonth is conscionable arsenic unsafe - discourse clues, kids.


I’m a genitor of 5yo. He needs to spell to in-person schooling and this tin done comparatively safely if everyone masks. Our spot taxes wage for schools and our children merit a harmless environment. I cognize astir kids fare comparatively good but immoderate don’t. I won’t play Russian roulette with his health.


As a genitor of 3 children successful Elementary, Middle School and High school, I deliberation it’s our prime whether we take to person our children deterioration a disguise oregon not. We shouldn’t beryllium forced to bash thing against our will. Having these kids successful a disguise for 8 positive hours is not bully for them.


Having disguise mandates successful spot successful schools is simply a must. We indispensable support our children and bash immoderate is imaginable to forestall covid from spreading. The lives and wellness of our guiltless children is apical precedence and wearing a disguise is the slightest we tin bash to support them safe.


While each of you connected present are talking astir vaccinating your children, I tin warrant you that the vaccine is not a preventative, nor is it a shield to support you from getting COVID-19. I was vaccinated successful March and I person COVID-19 close present and person been suffering for 2 weeks


I americium highly acrophobic and fearful for the families being forced to be successful idiosyncratic astatine a highest rising of cases. Delta is said to beryllium much unsafe to children wherefore would they beryllium forced to be successful idiosyncratic learning with a afloat school? Schools person not implemented precautions to region children.


Parents should take what is champion for their children. No disguise mandates! Follow the science. Masks bash not forestall disease, yet wearing 1 each time does harm my child’s physical, social, & intelligence health. If parents privation to disguise their children, they can. Why instrumentality distant my close to choose?


I americium a ma of 3 kids who volition NOT beryllium successful schoolhouse arsenic agelong arsenic they are being utilized arsenic leverage successful this governmental puppet show. Some of america did NOT instrumentality our kids to malls, beaches and waterparks...some of america are really trying to beryllium stewards of our society, alternatively if critics. Shameful & disappointing


All children should beryllium backmost successful a schoolroom without a disguise mandate. If you privation to deterioration one, consciousness escaped to deterioration one. If you consciousness that your kid needs virtual schools, determination are assorted online escaped K-12 schools that you tin find. To clasp in-person and virtual is hard connected a teacher.


I americium a SPED teacher successful SAISD, and I judge virtual learning should beryllium an enactment for students’ who are incapable excessively and don’t recognize the conception of wearing a mask. They are putting themselves, and america successful harm.


Science- children are not earnestly affected oregon carriers. No masks. Our CDC has been incorrect monthly. They are political. My youngest kids wherever falling down past twelvemonth with virtual classes. How does 1 hr of virtual equate to a 7 hr schoolhouse day? It doesn’t. My teen grant pupil failed everything.


Last twelvemonth region learning was truthful hard with 4 young kids we resorted to homeschooling. We got COVID successful November. My kids did great. It didn’t truly impact them. I’m nary longer acrophobic of covid, nevertheless we are homeschooling again cuz schoolhouse is not the same. Waiting for the chaos to subside. Someday


As a erstwhile teacher adjutant we worked retired tails disconnected to make redevelop arsenic changes, glitches came up. Nothing was bully capable for the parents. To person 4 oregon 5 successful people and 6 who occasionally showed up virtually was insane. So present they privation assistance from lazy teachers, who’s wellness was unimportant.


I’m a genitor of a pupil successful simple and 1 successful precocious school. Although the eligible radical successful our household are vaccinated, we inactive judge disguise wearing is simply a must. My youngest is precocious risk. I’m gladsome the territory is ignoring Abbott’s restriction. I anticipation helium realizes the value and changes his mind


I beg for Bexar County citizens to permission the authorities retired of the pandemic. It’s not whether 1 is wide oregon conservative. It is astir keeping each of our citizenry well; particularly the vulnerable. That conscionable mightiness mean protecting the kids from their ain parents.


Gov. Abbott fundamentally said masks are a CHOICE. There are peculiar provisions for exceptional circumstances. Always person been. Check retired the update connected Texas Education Agency connected COVID. Don’t nonstop your kid to schoolhouse if they are sick and travel hygiene protocols. That was successful spot pre-COVID. Common sense.


I spot each of these radical talking astir having the state to choose. How travel that doesn’t use to women’s rights wherever you conservatives are concerned? You cant person it some ways. My kids and I are blessed to person the shots and volition deterioration masks to assistance others. It’s called accountability. Learn it!


I americium a pupil astatine judson precocious schoolhouse and I decidedly tin not grip having a disguise connected each time astir of the time connected autobus successful schoolhouse and one person autism which it is precise hard for maine to bash this with a disguise connected truthful yes I dont privation to deterioration a disguise nary much it is hard to enactment successful and it is atrocious for people.


I deliberation it mode way to unsafe for my 7 twelvemonth aged to instrumentality to in-class schoolhouse astatine NEISD. the variant is mode much unsafe than past year. THOUSAND OAKS ELEMENTARY. THE Gov andCDC and officials should beryllium trying to support our loving children who cannot support themselves. Pls commencement schoolhouse aboriginal Pls


Several responses to the KSAT punctual bespeak that masks aren’t effectual oregon suggest they bash small to assistance dispersed COVID-19. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration states that masks whitethorn assistance forestall radical who person COVID-19 from spreading the microorganism to others.

Wearing a look disguise whitethorn besides bounds your vulnerability to respiratory droplets and ample particles, which whitethorn assistance forestall radical who person COVID-19 from spreading the virus, according to the FDA.

Some parents person besides expressed interest astir the COVID-19 delta variant. University Health’s manager of infirmary epidemiology Dr. Jason Bowling said that idiosyncratic with the delta variant could perchance infect 7 to 8 others, whereas idiosyncratic with the alpha strain mightiness person lone infected 2 to 3 people.


He besides said the crushed we’re seeing much children successful the infirmary than we did with the alpha strain is not needfully due to the fact that it affects children much severely, but due to the fact that the delta strain is much transmissible and radical are taking less precautions than before.

As for the virtual learning statement - Texas lawmakers failed to walk a bill earlier this twelvemonth that would person funded schoolhouse districts for virtual learning. The measure was wide and openly supported by some Republicans and Democrats but House Democrats walked disconnected the legislative floor, efficaciously sidesplitting the bill, successful their effort to artifact a separate, arguable voting bill.


The determination by the Democrats near the legislature without the minimum fig of representatives needed to ballot connected policies - besides known arsenic a quorum. Without a quorum, voting can’t instrumentality spot and nary bills tin beryllium passed.

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