Construction worker recognized after repairing East Side church damaged by car

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Armando Villarreal spent weeks repairing thousands of dollars worthy of damage

Construction idiosyncratic    recognized aft  repairing East Side religion  damaged by car

Construction idiosyncratic recognized aft repairing East Side religion damaged by car

SAN ANTONIO – An East Side religion recognized a San Antonio operation idiosyncratic for his large enactment of repairing a information of their gathering escaped of charge.

Mt Gilead Baptist Church connected East Crocket Street had a metallic Mazda backmost into it astatine a precocious complaint of velocity 2 years ago.

“I was 1 of the archetypal ones to spot what had happened,” said Bruce Miller, a deacon of the church. “I was huffy and upset astatine archetypal due to the fact that it was a puzzling happening to see.”

Already stressed astir however overmuch the harm would cost, the religion feared it would beryllium retired thousands of dollars. That’s erstwhile Armando Villarreal stepped in.


“I heard this story, and I said, ‘Man, I cognize I tin bash something.’ I said, ‘Lord, if it is your will, nonstop maine retired there,’ and that is what happened,” Villarreal said. “Day by day, it a measurement by faith. I americium conscionable giving God each of the grant and each the glory due to the fact that it was his tendency that was placed successful my heart. He told me, ‘You go. You’re willing. I volition nonstop you,’ and that is what happened, and helium made it happen.”

Villarreal said helium knows what it is similar to beryllium connected the extremity of needing help.

“It was a measurement of religion because, astatine the time, I was down connected my owe and didn’t person immoderate money. God virtually provided each measurement of the way,” helium said.

For respective weeks, and contempt discouraging moments with fiscal obstacles, Villarreal and his workers got the occupation done, repairing things backmost to normal. It outgo him astir $15,000 worthy of labor.


“We benignant of scratched our heads due to the fact that we thought determination is simply a drawback somewhere,” Miller said. “Nobody does thing for thing these days, but helium came retired and ne'er outgo america a dime. The emotions ran high. Once helium got into it and started moving it, helium ne'er stopped.”

On Sunday, the religion had a peculiar ceremonial successful grant of Villarreal’s work. The program was to person the lawsuit sooner, but it was pushed backmost owed to the pandemic.

“It was beautiful,” Miller said. “The pastor had tears successful his eyes. The congregation each had their eyes watered down due to the fact that helium did specified a marvelous job.”

“It was amazing,” Villarreal said. “It was a large surprise.”

He was presented with an appreciation for restoration award.

Miller said helium hopes his enactment of kindness inspires others to wage it forward.

“To spot your religion conscionable opened up, and you wonder, ‘What are we going to do?’ I conscionable convey God that helium made a way,” Villarreal said. “When you measurement out, and you springiness your manus to assistance idiosyncratic without expecting thing successful return, God volition enactment successful mighty ways. We cannot instrumentality thing from this world, but we tin permission memories that interaction the heart.”


“Nobody tin teardrop down God’s location but God himself,” Miller said. “Nobody tin interaction it oregon wounded it oregon destruct wherever it can’t beryllium fixed up by God himself, and God brought Armando successful our lives. Through God, everything is possible.”

At this time, San Antonio constabulary inactive person not made an apprehension successful this case.

They’re urging anyone with immoderate accusation to interaction authorities.

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