Courtside caller stood down over mid-game comment

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An NBL nine has stood down its courtside announcer successful the aftermath of a fiery Melbourne hoops derby betwixt United and the Phoenix.

Tensions betwixt the 2 teams spilled implicit during Sunday's clash aft Phoenix prima Mitch Creek slammed down a immense dunk implicit the apical of erstwhile NBA champion Matthew Dellavedova.

United subordinate Mason Peatling was ejected aft helium shouldered Creek to the ground, sparking a brawl betwixt opposing players.

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But it was different infinitesimal during the contention that forced United to reprimand courtside caller Wayne Peterson.

"The nine would similar to specifically code the comments from the club's courtside announcer, Wayne Peterson, pursuing Zhou Qi's escaped propulsion attempts," United said successful a statement.

NBL announcer nether occurrence implicit comment

"Peterson said Qi 'probably doesn't understand' wherefore the assemblage cheered erstwhile helium missed the shots. The remark referred (to) the prize of a escaped cheeseburger for consecutive missed escaped throws.

"Peterson acknowledges that the connection was inappropriate. The nine has afloat assurance that Peterson had nary volition of insulting Zhou.

"Peterson has reached retired to connection his unreserved apology to Zhou Qi directly. He would besides similar to apologise to immoderate different enactment who took offence.

"Melbourne United has mutually agreed with Peterson to person him measurement distant from his duties for the club's adjacent 2 location games. Peterson volition usage this clip for reflection and further education, and volition beryllium much considered with his comments successful the future.

"The nine volition proceed to uphold a beardown civilization of diverseness and inclusiveness and person committed to summation club-wide acquisition astir multiculturalism and acceptance."

The NBL has launched its ain probe into the incidental and whitethorn instrumentality it further, depending connected the findings.

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