DAY 11 LIVE: Trial of Otis McKane, accused of murdering SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi

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Update astatine 12:24 p.m.:

The defence has rested its lawsuit successful the proceedings aft lone calling 1 witness. The defence called Det. Mark Duke, who was the pb researcher successful the case.

The ceremonial complaint volition beryllium work to the assemblage erstwhile it returns astatine 2 p.m. followed by closing arguments.

Erica Hernandez reports connected  Day 11 of the Otis McKane proceedings  Erica Hernandez reports connected Day 11 of the Otis McKane proceedings


The proceedings of Otis McKane enters its 3rd week connected Monday with the defence scheduled to contiguous its case.

The proceedings is expected to get underway astatine 10:30 a.m. and you tin ticker each infinitesimal unrecorded successful the video subordinate above.


During Friday’s testimony, Officer Chris Enfinger, a subordinate of the San Antonio Police Department SWAT squad who helped escort McKane from the arresting country to Public Safety Headquarters for interrogation and past to the Magistrate’s Office, wherever McKane was charged.

Video of that escort was shown to the jury.

“I lashed retired connected idiosyncratic that didn’t merit it,” McKane told reporters successful the video.

But Efinger said McKane made the pursuing connection erstwhile they arrived astatine the Magistrate’s office: “He was gladsome to sprout him. You can’t justice me. It felt bully to bash what helium did. And helium had to bash thing to get idiosyncratic to listen,” Efinger testified.

McKane besides displayed mixed emotions of choler and remorse erstwhile helium was fixed a intelligence wellness appraisal astatine the Bexar County Jail by Elroy Brown, a licensed societal worker.

Brown told jurors that McKane admitted that helium changeable an SAPD serviceman due to the fact that “it was thing that helium had to do” but that helium felt atrocious for the officer’s family, and the shooting “wasn’t astir the man -- it was astir the uniform.”


Jurors heard immoderate precise affectional and tearful grounds from U.S. Air Force Maj. Dr. Erica Simon, main nonmigratory astatine the exigency country astatine Brooke Army Medical Center, wherever Marconi was taken for treatment.

“(There was ) humor everywhere, each implicit his look … precise grave. Lifeless,” Simon said successful describing Marconi’s condition.

The last witnesser to attest was Dr. Jennifer Rulon, a aesculapian examiner astatine the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office, who performed the autopsy connected Marconi.

She said Marconi died of aggregate gunshot wounds, and his decease was ruled a homicide.

McKane could look the decease punishment if helium is recovered guilty. The proceedings marks the archetypal decease punishment lawsuit successful much than 5 years successful Bexar County.

Day 10

The authorities rested its lawsuit Friday day successful the superior execution proceedings of Otis McKane, who is charged with the November 2016 fatal shooting of SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi.

The prosecution called connected 55 witnesses to assistance contiguous its lawsuit implicit a 10-day period.


Among the witnesses to attest successful Day 10 of the proceedings Friday was Officer Chris Enfinger, a subordinate of the San Antonio Police Department SWAT squad who helped escort McKane from the arresting country to Public Safety Headquarters for interrogation.

Erica Hernandez reports connected  Day 10 of the Otis McKane proceedings  Erica Hernandez reports connected Day 10 of the Otis McKane proceedings

Live updates from the courtroom

Follow on unrecorded with KSAT 12 courthouse newsman Erica Hernandez, who is Tweeting from the courtroom.

Day 9

The assemblage successful the superior execution proceedings of Otis McKane saw possibly the astir damaging grounds connected Thursday erstwhile his constabulary interrogation video was shown successful court.

SAPD Homicide Det. Mark Duke testified that helium interviewed McKane aft helium was arrested connected Nov. 21, 2016. He was arrested successful the sidesplitting of SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi extracurricular of Public Safety Headquarters, which happened the time anterior to his arrest.

Duke, who was the pb detective successful the case, described his demeanor during his interrogation with McKane arsenic “very brushed and non-confrontational” due to the fact that helium wanted to “make him consciousness arsenic comfy arsenic helium tin and beryllium non-judgmental truthful that helium tin archer the truth.”


During the interview, Duke learned that McKane hadn’t seen his lad successful 2 years. When they got to the taxable astir issues seeing his lad and what happens erstwhile McKane tries to get help, McKane tin beryllium seen crying successful the video. That causes the suspect to weep successful court.

After Duke told McKane that constabulary had an apprehension warrant, the fishy admitted to the slaying.

“I apologize to the serviceman killed, the family,” McKane said.

The remainder of the video is expected to beryllium shown to jurors connected Friday. Trial begins astatine 9 a.m.

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Day 8

Members of the San Antonio Police Department’s SWAT squad connected Wednesday gave details connected the events starring up to the seizure of Otis McKane, who is connected proceedings successful the execution-style slaying of SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi.

SAPD Officer Daniel Elborne said the full SWAT squad was progressive successful the “high-risk” cognition successful the hours aft Marconi was gunned down extracurricular Public Safety Headquarters connected Nov. 20, 2016.

Officers conducted surveillance connected a car that McKane was believed to beryllium successful adjacent the Lincoln Courts connected the West Side, wherever helium and his woman lived, Elborne said. Then, a Department of Public Safety airplane that was conducting surveillance for SAPD located a Buick that McKane whitethorn person been successful astatine a convenience store connected the acold East Side.

Aeriel surveillance showed a antheral who acceptable McKane’s statement get into the Buick and permission the store. That’s erstwhile SAPD moved successful and arrested him, according to Christopher Zygmont, different subordinate of the SWAT team.


“Very minimal unit (was used), and the fishy was compliant astatine each times,” Elborne testified. He added that McKane didn’t kick of immoderate injuries, didn’t defy apprehension oregon marque threats toward officers.

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Day 7

A NASA representation expert testified connected Tuesday that the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office asked him to heighten and analyse photographs tied to the slaying of SAPD. Det. Benjamin Marconi.

David Bretz, who has been with NASA for 25 years, said helium was capable to sharpen, enlarge and wide up images that showed Otis McKane, accused of fatally shooting Marconi, successful and astir Public Safety Headquarters connected Nov. 20, 2016.

He besides showed the assemblage an representation that the adept witnesser claimed was McKane holding a pistol down the Marconi’s head.


While the enhancement of that representation showed thing akin to a tattoo, Brentz couldn’t accidental for definite that it matched a tattoo pictured successful 1 of McKane’s photos taken erstwhile helium was arrested.

“There appears to beryllium thing there. It’s conscionable unclear what that is,” helium said.

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Day 6

Surveillance from the edifice wherever Otis McKane’s wife, Christian Fields, booked a two-night enactment aft the shooting of SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi was shown during time 6 of McKane’s execution trial.

In the video, Fields, a lad and a antheral are seen successful the motel, but the prosecution stopped abbreviated of identifying the antheral arsenic McKane successful beforehand of the jury, arsenic the edifice manager could not positively corroborate the defendant.


Prosecutor Tamara Strauch countered by saying the video was applicable due to the fact that McKane stayed astatine the edifice and that “flight is grounds of guilt” due to the fact that helium didn’t walk the nighttime astatine home.

The video was utilized by prosecutors successful an effort to amusement his whereabouts amid SAPD’s manhunt for Marconi’s killer.

Photographs shown to the assemblage included Fields’ driver’s license, the paperwork for the edifice enactment and the interior of the motel room.

Another witness, Sgt. Dwayne Branham, testified that helium spoke with Fields aft McKane’s arrest. He said that she ne'er questioned wherefore they were stopped.

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Day 5

Otis McKane “was successful a bully mood” erstwhile helium went to the Bexar County Courthouse to get a matrimony licence the time aft helium was accused of fatally shooting SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi, a witnesser testified.


Joyce Ann Mendoza, who issued the matrimony license, testified that connected Nov. 21, 2016, McKane and Christian Chanel Fields asked for a waiver to get joined that aforesaid day, which they did.

The assemblage successful McKane’s execution proceedings connected Friday saw surveillance footage of the mates from wrong the courthouse.

As helium was getting married, San Antonio constabulary were connected the hunt for the idiosyncratic who killed the detective extracurricular Public Safety Headquarters.

SAPD Lt. Brent Bell, who was Marconi’s supervisor erstwhile helium was killed and 1 of the pb investigators connected the officer-involved shooting team, said they “believed the menace was ongoing.”

“We knew of a signifier of different officers being targeted, (and) until we apprehended that person, we didn’t cognize if helium would bash it again,” Bell told jurors.

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Day 4

Two San Antonio constabulary officers who responded to the shooting of SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi connected the greeting of Nov. 20, 2016, testified astir the chaotic country extracurricular Public Safety Headquarters that morning.

They knew 1 of their ain was injured, but they didn’t cognize who oregon the grade of the injuries conscionable yet. Still, they said they sprung into enactment to assistance immoderate mode they could.

The assemblage besides saw video from some Officers Frances Ochoa and Gustavo Segura’s assemblage cameras erstwhile they arrived astatine the scene.

“Oh My God, Oh My God,” Ochoa is heard saying aggregate times. She past went to Brooke Army Medical Center, arsenic she is simply a Family Assistance Officer unpaid for SAPD, to comfortableness the family.

She said she told Marconi’s household members of the officer’s decease and past helped stitchery his azygous and different belongings.

“There was humor everywhere,” she said, adding that the temper was “sad, everybody was crying.”


The officers were 2 witnesses who took the basal connected Thursday for time 4 of Otis McKane’s execution trial.

Thursday’s enactment of questioning for witnesses and SAPD officers seemed to purpose astatine establishing that Marconi was without a uncertainty moving astatine the clip of his death, which would enactment the indictment that the transgression happened portion the serviceman was successful the enactment of duty.

McKane could look the decease punishment if helium is recovered guilty.

The proceedings volition resume astatine 9 a.m. Friday.

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Day 3

A parent and girl who witnessed the shooting of SAPD. Det. Benjamin Marconi were among those who testified successful the proceedings of Otis McKane connected Wednesday.

Jennifer Patterson and her daughter, Alexandria, were connected their mode to brunch connected the greeting of Nov. 20, 2016, erstwhile Jennifer said thing caught their attraction connected Santa Rosa Avenue.


“What the f***! He’s got a gun, Mom. He’s got a gun?” Jennifer Patterson testified astir what her girl said that morning. “I instantly knew what she was talking about. There was a antheral who had a gun, and thing was going to happen.”

They fled the country successful fearfulness for their information but past returned to the scene, wherever the parent recovered Marconi.

“We ran to the officer’s car, and told my daughter, ‘Go beryllium implicit there.’ It was evident by a spread successful his temple that determination was thing that could beryllium done for him,” she said.

A Via autobus operator who witnessed the shooting besides took the basal for the 2nd day, saying helium saw McKane tally to his car aft the gunfire. He said that helium identified McKane retired of a lineup.

Another prosecution witness, Mike Flores, said helium was the archetypal idiosyncratic to find Marconi injured. “I looked wrong and saw serviceman hunched implicit and saw blood,” Flores said. He testified that aft proceeding gunshots, helium saw McKane tally disconnected into his vehicle.


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Day 2

A witnesser of the slaying of SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi delivered gripping grounds during time 2 of Otis McKane’s execution trial.

“I was scared,” Ricky Lee Martinez said arsenic helium testified. He had been pulled implicit by the serviceman successful beforehand of nationalist information office conscionable moments earlier the shooting successful November 2016.

“I could spot him laying determination and saw humor coming out. I (froze) and stuff. I wanted to assistance but I was acrophobic to help,” Martinez said.

Earlier Tuesday, video from wrong Marconi’s patrol portion that showed the infinitesimal helium was killed was shown successful court. That led to a juror leaving the courtroom and disposable emotion from members of Marconi’s family.


The proceedings volition resume astatine 9 a.m. Wednesday.

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Day 1

The biggest transgression proceedings successful Bexar County since assemblage trials reopened from the pandemic started Monday.

Prosecutor Tamara Strauch delivered the opening connection for the authorities successful the execution proceedings of Otis McKane, accused of fatally shooting SAPD Det. Benjamin Marconi successful 2016 successful beforehand of San Antonio Police Department Public Safety Headquarters.


Strauch said respective witnesses of the shooting volition instrumentality the basal during the trial. She besides said witnesses who heard McKane’s admittance to the transgression volition besides testify.

The defence opted not to marque an opening statement.

The assemblage besides saw respective videotape clips, including 1 of what the prosecution said was McKane opening occurrence connected Marconi. Another clip showed McKane walking into office pursuing the incident.

The proceedings marks the archetypal decease punishment lawsuit successful much than 5 years successful Bexar County.

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On the greeting of Nov. 20, 2016, Marconi was sitting successful his patrol car extracurricular SAPD Public Safety Headquarters penning a summons erstwhile idiosyncratic successful a achromatic car pulled up down him. The operator walked up to the constabulary portion and changeable Marconi doubly successful the caput arsenic helium sat successful the driver’s seat.


A monolithic manhunt ensued and a extremity led constabulary to apprehension Otis McKane 30 hours later.

It was aboriginal revealed that the greeting aft the shooting, McKane walked into the Bexar County Courthouse and was joined arsenic constabulary searched for him.

Security footage showed him entering the courthouse, wherever helium obtained the matrimony license.

Soon aft McKane was arrested, helium told reporters that helium lashed retired due to the fact that of a custody quality with his son. Later, successful an interrogation with KSAT newsman Katrina Webber, McKane said his comments regarding the shooting were misconstrued and refused to speech astir Marconi oregon the case.

The proceedings for McKane was expected to statesman successful March 2020 but during assemblage selection, the pandemic forced each in-person hearings to beryllium enactment connected hold.

After a hold of much than a year, the proceedings volition commencement connected July 12 successful the 379th District Court, presided by Judge Ron Rangel.

The prosecution squad consists of lawyers Mario Del Prado, Jessica Schulze, and Tamara Strauch.


The defence squad consists of lawyers Raymond Fuchs, Joel Perez and Daniel De La Garza.

This is the archetypal decease punishment lawsuit to instrumentality spot successful Bexar County successful much than 5 years.

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