Detective: Brothers detailed how Jussie Smollett staged hoax

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CHICAGO – Two brothers arrested for an alleged onslaught connected Jussie Smollett recounted for Chicago constabulary however the ex-“Empire” histrion orchestrated the hoax, telling them via substance connection to conscionable him “on the low,” paying for supplies and holding a “dry run” successful downtown Chicago, a pb researcher testified Tuesday.

Taking the basal arsenic prosecutors began their case against Smollett, erstwhile constabulary detective Michael Theis said helium initially viewed the histrion arsenic a unfortunate of a homophobic and racist onslaught and that constabulary “absolutely” didn’t unreserved to judgement arsenic Smollett's defence lawyer alleged during opening statements Monday.

Theis, who present is adjunct manager for probe and improvement for the Chicago Police Department, said astir 2 twelve detectives clocked immoderate 3,000 hours connected what they thought was a “horrible hatred crime” in January 2019. He said they were excited erstwhile they were capable to way the movements of 2 suspected attackers utilizing surveillance video, and cellphone and records from ride-sharing services.


“The transgression was a hatred crime, a horrible hatred crime,” Theis said, noting Smollett — who is Black and cheery — reported that his attackers enactment a noose astir his cervix and poured bleach connected him. He said the lawsuit had go nationalist and planetary quality and that “everybody from the politician connected down wanted to cognize what happened,” a notation to then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Smollett is charged with felony disorderly behaviour for making what prosecutors accidental was a mendacious constabulary study astir the alleged attack. The people 4 felony carries a situation condemnation of up to 3 years, but experts person said if Smollett is convicted helium apt would beryllium placed connected probation and possibly ordered to execute assemblage service.

After constabulary arrested Abimbola and Olabingo Osundairo — brothers who besides worked connected the acceptable of “Empire” successful Chicago — arsenic they returned to Chicago from Nigeria, the men said Smollett wanted to signifier the onslaught due to the fact that helium was unhappy astir however the TV workplace handled hatred message the histrion had received, Theis said. He said investigators checked retired the brothers' relationship — including that the histrion picked them up days earlier the onslaught and drove them astir the downtown vicinity wherever helium lived and talked astir what would hap — and corroborated their mentation of events utilizing GPS, cellphone records and video evidence. Police recovered nary lawsuit wherever they concluded the men were lying, helium added.


Jurors were shown surveillance video of the brothers buying supplies, including a reddish chapeau they told constabulary Smollett wanted them to deterioration to lucifer supporters of then-President Donald Trump, and a portion of clothesline aboriginal fashioned into the noose. Jurors besides saw a inactive representation from a video that Theis said showed Smollett returning location the nighttime of the alleged attack, with the clothesline draped astir his shoulders. The clothesline was wrapped astir his cervix erstwhile officers arrived, Theis said, starring detectives to judge Smollett whitethorn person retied it.

“At the extremity of the investigation, we determined that the alleged hatred transgression was really a staged event,” Theis said, and the Osundairo brothers were released.

Defense lawyer Nenye Uche said during opening statements Monday that Smollett “is a existent victim” and that the brothers attacked Smollett due to the fact that they didn’t similar him “because of who helium is.”


On Tuesday, Uche suggested the brothers were homophobic, asking Theis connected cross-examination astir a homophobic connection 1 of the brothers used. Theis said determination was a connection containing a slur but that helium doesn't cognize if that makes the antheral homophobic. Uche besides asked Theis if helium was alert 1 of the brothers attacked idiosyncratic astatine the TV workplace due to the fact that helium was gay.

“One idiosyncratic said it happened, but I don’t cognize that it happened," Theis said.

Uche besides sought to discredit the constabulary investigation, suggesting detectives ignored imaginable leads. And helium said a $3,500 cheque the histrion paid the brothers was for idiosyncratic grooming truthful helium could hole for an upcoming euphony video, not for carrying retired the hoax, arsenic prosecutors allege. Theis said Tuesday that the memo connected the cheque said it was for “nutrition” and “training.”

The brothers volition attest during the trial, but it's chartless if Smollett will.

Uche has portrayed the siblings arsenic unreliable, and said erstwhile constabulary searched their location they recovered heroin and guns.


Special authoritative Dan Webb told jurors that Smollett told constabulary helium was attacked by Trump supporters, inflaming governmental divisions nationwide.

Webb said Smollett thought the TV workplace didn't instrumentality hatred message helium received seriously. Police haven’t determined who wrote the letter, which included a drafting of a instrumentality fig hanging from a histrion and “MAGA,” a notation to Trump’s Make America Great Again run slogan. Webb said Smollett told the brothers to outcry radical and homophobic slurs and “MAGA” during the staged attack.

Uche besides suggested that a 3rd attacker was involved. One country nonmigratory said she saw a achromatic antheral with “reddish brownish hair” who appeared to beryllium waiting for idiosyncratic that night, according to constabulary reports. She told a detective that erstwhile the antheral turned distant from her, she “could spot hanging retired from underneath his overgarment what appeared to beryllium a rope.”


Uche referenced the pistillate during his cross-examination of Theis connected Tuesday, and Theis acknowledged that helium saw that connection but did not nonstop a detective to re-interview her.

“We didn’t get a chance,” helium said, explaining that the pistillate had seen the antheral a fewer hours earlier the incidental and that “the enactment was a antithetic color.”

Outside the courtroom, Smollett’s member said it has been “incredibly painful” for the household to ticker Smollett beryllium accused of thing helium “did not do.”

“We’re assured successful his ineligible team, and we look guardant to radical proceeding the existent facts of this case,” Jojo Smollett said.

Judge James Linn expects the proceedings to past astir 1 week.


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