'Disgusted' Red Bull's bombshell after F1 chaos

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Red Bull's motorsport advisor has threatened to propulsion the institution retired of Formula 1 successful the aftermath of the arguable decorativeness to this year's satellite championship.

Mercedes' seven-year domination of the athletics came to an extremity astatine the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with Max Verstappen claiming the rubric aft a late-race information car intervention.

The contention director, Australian Michael Masi, is nether occurrence for the mode the restart was managed, with Mercedes claiming the due processes weren't followed, allowing Verstappen to walk Lewis Hamilton for the win.

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Mercedes protested the effect instantly aft the decorativeness connected Monday greeting (AEDT).

Those protests were dismissed, but Mercedes has indicated it intends to entreaty to the sport's governing body, the FIA. Any entreaty needs to beryllium lodged by Friday morning.

Aussie authoritative nether occurrence implicit F1 rubric finish

But Red Bull's Helmut Marko said it's ridiculous that the effect of the title should stay up successful the aerial portion the substance is sorted.

"It is unworthy for the past contention of the twelvemonth that a determination connected the effect is postponed for truthful long," helium told Dutch media.

"That speaks successful favour of the cognition of what I judge to beryllium a atrocious loser who makes specified protests and objections.

"We bash not care. We are present the motivation winner, 1 mode oregon another.

"We broke their seven-year dominance with a young feline and a young, motivated team.

Max Verstappen connected the mode to triumph astatine the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. (Getty)

"It's disgusting what they did aft the contention to protestation erstwhile it was wide it would not work. This is simply a precise atrocious loser for me."

Mercedes are upset that contention power initially said lapped cars would request to stay successful spot down the information car, giving Hamilton a buffer to Verstappen for the final-lap shootout.

The directive was past changed to let the 5 cars betwixt Hamilton and Verstappen to unlap themselves. With Verstappen connected caller tyres, Hamilton was a sitting duck connected the last lap.

Red Bull Formula 1 advisor Helmut Marko. (Getty)

Marko is simply a controversial, outspoken and divisive fig wrong the sport, often utilizing threats to get his ain way. In the fallout from Abu Dhabi, he's again warned that Red Bull volition permission the athletics unless things change.

"We volition reconsider our engagement successful Formula 1 if determination is nary thought fixed to however we tin amended the regulations," helium said.

"The full strategy needs to beryllium reconsidered. The rules person to beryllium simplified. The premise indispensable be, 'Let's race'."

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