Feds: Los Angeles bomb technicians caused major explosion

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FILE - In this July 1, 2021 record photograph constabulary officers locomotion past the remains of an armored Los Angeles Police Department tractor-trailer, aft amerciable fireworks seized astatine a location exploded, successful South Los Angeles. Arturo Ceja III, the antheral who stockpiled amerciable fireworks successful his South Los Angeles backyard which were aboriginal improperly detonated by police, apt causing the monolithic blast successful precocious June that rocked a vicinity and injured 17 radical present faces a decennary successful national prison. Ceja pleaded blameworthy Monday, Aug. 30 to 1 number of proscription of explosives without a license. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

LOS ANGELES – Los Angeles constabulary weaponry technicians made large miscalculations successful June erstwhile they detonated amerciable fireworks improperly and caused a monolithic detonation that rocked a metropolis neighborhood and injured 27 radical successful June, according to a study by national investigators.

The 51-page study from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, released Tuesday, ruled retired different imaginable causes, specified arsenic an instrumentality defect, for the June 30 blast successful South Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Police Department besides issued its ain 53-page after-action report.

The technicians overloaded a containment enclosure with the amerciable fireworks supra the equipment’s information standing aft authorities were called to a South LA location for a immense stash of fireworks up of the Fourth of July. Preliminary findings antecedently said the bomb technicians' errors were apt to blame.


The vas exploded, and debris rained down connected dozens of residences, businesses and vehicles. The ATF estimates that the catastrophic blast caused much than $1 cardinal successful damages to the neighborhood.

Officials revised the wounded number to 27 successful the recently released reports; authorities antecedently said it was 17 people. Some victims person filed ineligible claims — the precursor to lawsuits — against the city.

Many residents successful the assemblage stay displaced, and 2 aged residents person since died. The Los Angeles Times reported that portion officials person attributed their deaths to unwellness and earthy causes, household members and activists contend that the detonation caused them accent that was a contributing origin successful their deaths.

Fireworks are amerciable to merchantability oregon person successful Los Angeles and successful unincorporated areas of the county. The amerciable fireworks were recovered astatine the location of Arturo Ceja III, who pleaded blameworthy successful national tribunal past period to 1 number of proscription of explosives without a license. He besides faces authorities charges.


The LAPD study states that the agency's weaponry technicians bash not acquisition ceremonial grooming to run the containment vas and simply person “on the occupation training" successful its use. The technicians ne'er weighed the homemade fireworks with a standard connected June 30, and they grossly underestimated however overmuch explosives they contained, investigators found.

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