Incident happened adjacent I-37 and Loop 1604, not acold from Braunig Lake connected SE Side

water rescue braunig water  image.

water rescue braunig water image. (KSAT)

SAN ANTONIO – Emergency crews are moving to rescue a 22-year-old antheral who became stuck portion sportfishing on the banks of the San Antonio River precocious Wednesday night, the San Antonio Police Department said.

The h2o rescue is taking spot adjacent Interstate 37 and Loop 1604, not acold from Braunig Lake connected the city’s acold Southeast Side.

According to police, a radical of men went retired to the h2o astir 9 a.m. Wednesday and were sportfishing and wading successful the water. That’s when, constabulary say, a mates of the men got disquieted erstwhile 2 of them didn’t travel back.

Police said yet 1 of the 2 missing men appeared, telling them that the antheral was exhausted and needed assistance aft wading successful the water.

Authorities accidental they located the antheral but helium is stuck on the banks of the stream and that they are having trouble reaching him. Police accidental the antheral appears to beryllium OK, lone tired, with lone insignificant injuries to his feet.

Emergency crews are present utilizing some a constabulary chopper and a occurrence section vessel successful effort to scope the man.


KSAT12 has a unit astatine the scene.

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