KSAT News astatine 9 looks astatine history, aureate era, decline, taste interaction of genre

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SAN ANTONIO – Tejano euphony is acquainted to astir San Antonio families. Whether astatine a creation hall, a wedding oregon adjacent conscionable a backyard barbecue, if you grew up successful South Texas, you apt person a representation of dancing with aunts and uncles to the sounds of accordions and synthesizers. But is Tejano euphony inactive relevant?

In April, 107.5 FM stopped broadcasting KXTN, a presumption known for playing the genre.

Even earlier that, determination were signs of a decline. In 2011, Tejano was 1 of 31 categories eliminated astatine the Grammy Awards.

These events were among the reasons KSAT’s RJ Marquez and the KSAT News astatine 9 squad wanted to instrumentality a person look astatine the past, contiguous and aboriginal of Tejano music.

History of Tejano euphony and instauration of accordion

We started astatine the beginning. Ramon Hernandez is an archivist and Latin musicologist.

He's written euphony columns for antithetic publications, including the San Antonio Express-News. When it comes to euphony created by Mexican Americans, helium has a wealthiness of knowledge.


We interviewed him and sifted done his archives to assistance america recognize however the roots of Tejano tin beryllium traced backmost to the 1910s, erstwhile German Americans introduced Mexican Americans to the accordion.

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Anatomy of a Tejano song

Because Tejano euphony was truthful heavy influenced by different philharmonic genres and popular culture, we wanted to instrumentality a person look astatine what makes a Tejano song.

To larn a small spot more, we sat down with section instrumentalist Alvaro Del Norte and members of a section band, The 501s.

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Golden Age and Tejano Onda

Any treatment astir Tejano euphony indispensable see what’s been called the Golden Age of the genre.

The aboriginal '80s to mid-'90s were a peculiar infinitesimal for Tejano euphony successful San Antonio and South Texas.

Most San Antonians said determination was nary amended clip for the genre.

We spoke to Hector Saldana, a erstwhile San Antonio Express-News euphony columnist and existent Texas Music Collection Curator astatine The Wittliff Collections astatine Texas State, and Johnny Ramirez, a erstwhile deejay astatine KXTN, astir the Tejano Onda, which translated to English, means the Texas Wave.


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Decline successful popularity

For the past decennary oregon so, determination has been a batch written and said astir the diminution of Tejano music.

Is the euphony genre dead? Certainly not erstwhile you talk to musicians inactive performing to packed venues.

But it has not reached the heights of popularity it had during the Golden Age. We examined what happened.

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Cultural interaction and aboriginal of Tejano music

Where does Tejano euphony spell from here? We've heard astir its astir fashionable days and immoderate decline.

But existent to its nature, the euphony has stood the trial of time, going backmost astir a century.

The roots of Tejano tally heavy successful South Texas. We looked astatine the taste interaction the euphony has had successful San Antonio.

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