Greek wildfire burns through pine forest for 4th day

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An craft and helicopters run during a wildfire successful Vilia country immoderate 60 kilometers (37 miles) northwest of Athens, Greece, Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021. A large wildfire northwest of the Greek superior devoured ample tracts of conifer wood for a 3rd time and threatened a ample colony arsenic hundreds of firefighters, assisted by water-dropping planes and helicopters, battled the flames Wednesday. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

ATHENS – Hundreds of Greek and Polish firefighters were battling a large wildfire decimating a conifer wood for a 4th time Thursday northwest of the Greek capital.

The occurrence adjacent the colony of Vilia, astir 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Athens, has already burned done thousands of hectares and led to evacuation orders being issued for respective villages successful the area. Strong winds forecast for aboriginal successful the time could complicate firefighting efforts.

The occurrence section said 427 firefighters, including 143 from Poland, on with 149 vehicles were battling the flames. Five water-dropping planes and 5 helicopters were providing aerial support, portion the service sent manpower and machinery.

The Vilia blaze is the latest of hundreds of wildfires that person burnt crossed Greece this month, fueled by a vigor question — the country’s astir terrible successful astir 3 decades — that parched shrubland and forests.

The blazes person stretched the country’s firefighting capabilities to the limit, starring the authorities to entreaty for planetary help, including done a European Union exigency effect system. About 24 European and Middle Eastern countries responded, sending planes, helicopters, vehicles and hundreds of firefighters. Most person since returned home.


The causes of the fires person not been officially established, though much than a twelve radical person been arrested connected suspicion of arson.

Intense vigor and wildfires person besides struck different Mediterranean countries. Firefighters successful France worked to incorporate a wood occurrence on the French Riviera connected Tuesday, and caller wildfires person killed astatine slightest 75 radical successful Algeria and 16 successful Turkey. Worsening drought and vigor person besides fueled wildfires successful the occidental United States and successful Russia’s bluish Siberia region.

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