‘I think she’s out,’ deputy says after violent arrest

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A teardrop streams down the feature of Nakia Porter during a quality league to denote the filing of a national suit she has brought against 2 Solano County Sheriff's deputies, successful Sacramento, Calif., Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021. The suit stems from an incidental wherever the deputies knocked Porter unconscious and arrested her aft she had pulled disconnected the road, adjacent Dixon, Aug. 6, 2020, to alteration drivers erstwhile the deputies squad car pulled up down and confronted Porter and her begetter and past aboriginal lied astir the incident. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

A pistillate who pulled disconnected a roadworthy to alteration drivers during a travel with her begetter and 3 young children was knocked unconscious and arrested by 2 Northern California sheriff's deputies, who past lied astir the brushwood to responding paramedics and connected authoritative reports, according to a national suit filed Wednesday.

Body cameras worn by the deputies with the Solano County Sheriff's Office recorded them pulling guns connected Nakia Porter earlier slamming her to the pavement portion handcuffing her on a agrarian roadworthy successful the municipality of Dixon connected the nighttime of Aug. 6, 2020. Porter's father, Joe Powell, was besides placed successful handcuffs and concisely detained.

Porter was jailed overnight connected suspicion of resisting arrest, but ne'er charged. She said the ordeal was confusing and dehumanizing.

“I was doing my champion to bash everything right, giving nary crushed to beryllium treated similar this,” said Porter, 33, who is Black.

The suit brought by lawyer Yasin Almadani accuses the deputies of violating authorities and national civilian rights statutes by engaging successful “unlawful seizure, battle and excessive force."


“Thankfully, the video grounds contradicted the fabricated facts,” Almadani said. “So what occurred here, we believe, was a racially motivated beating and terrorizing of a Black family.”

Solano County sheriff’s officials couldn't instantly remark due to the fact that the section hadn't received a transcript of the ailment by Wednesday afternoon, Sgt. Christine Castillo said successful an email.

The suit filed successful U.S. District Court successful Sacramento asks a justice to bid a assemblage proceedings for the arresting deputies, Dalton McCampbell and Lisa McDowell, and seeks unspecified damages.

The events unfolded arsenic Porter and her 61-year-old begetter were making the 100-mile (160-kilometer) thrust location to Orangevale, northeast of Sacramento, aft a household travel to Oakland. Her 2 daughters, ages 3 and 6, and her 4-year-old niece were successful the backmost seat. Porter is simply a bundle engineer, and her father, who's retired, worked successful machine networking.


Porter was down the instrumentality erstwhile they stopped on an bare roadworthy successful Dixon. The deputies' squad car pulled up down them with lights flashing. Porter already was retired of the car and explained that they were conscionable switching drivers and would beryllium connected their way, according to the tribunal filing.

The deputies said they noticed the car had mismatched licence plates — a California sheet connected the backmost of the car, and 1 from Maryland connected the front.

“However, the deputies had called successful the rear licence sheet to their dispatch and knew that it matched the statement of the car and that determination was nary study of the car being stolen,” the filing states.

McCampbell, who had his weapon drawn, ordered Porter backmost to the driver's side, and helium and his spouse moved to detain her, according to edited bodycam footage acquired by Almadani and provided to The Associated Press. Almadani acquired much than 18 minutes of earthy footage done a California Public Records Act request, and edited it down to conscionable nether 10 minutes.


“For those that are listening, I americium not resisting,” Porter said into the deputies' cameras. “You are not speechmaking maine my rights.”

The deputies pushed Porter against the squad car and past to the pavement portion trying to handcuff her.

“Put your hands down your back. Get connected your stomach," McCampbell shouted.

The footage gets precise shaky, and it's hard to spot whether Porter is resisting. Porter and the tribunal filing allege the deputies punched her successful the caput and the stomach, kneeled connected her backmost and pulled her hair. She said she passed retired seconds aft the deputies closed the handcuffs.

“I deliberation she's out,” McCambell said connected the video.

Porter, who is 5-foot-2 (1.6 meters) and 125 pounds (57 kilograms), said she was dragged unconscious to the backmost of the squad car, wherever she came to astir 5 minutes later.

When paramedics arrived, McCampbell is heard saying Porter fought them, was knocked retired for astir 20 seconds and was capable to locomotion herself to the squad car. McDowell estimates to the paramedics that Porter was unconscious for astir 5 seconds.


Porter requested she beryllium transported to a hospital, according to the lawsuit.

“Deputies McCampbell and McDowell denied the request, continuing to prevarication to the paramedics by minimizing the battle and the injuries they had inflicted connected Ms. Porter,” the tribunal filing said.

The suit accuses the deputies of lying connected their apprehension reports astir Porter warring them and the magnitude of clip she was unconscious. Contact accusation for McCampbell and McDowell could not beryllium found.

The suit besides names a superior serviceman who signed disconnected connected the reports.

Cedric Alexander, a constabulary use-of-force expert, was troubled by the video. He wondered wherefore the deputies seemed to unreserved to detain Porter and Powell without archetypal taking actions to de-escalate the situation, particularly with 3 young kids successful the car.

“What's concerning present is the usage of force," said Alexander, a erstwhile president of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. "There needs to beryllium a afloat probe conducted extracurricular of the sheriff's department, preferably by a territory attorney's office.”

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