Jails change visitor policies amid Covid surge

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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - More radical successful Louisiana are catching COVID-19 amid a 4th surge successful the virus.

Parish jails are doing much present to support it out.

“I recognize that household and friends privation to beryllium capable to spot their loved ones and close present we conscionable privation to propulsion that contented that we’re conscionable trying to enactment harmless and support everyone steadfast and truthful we request to instrumentality those indispensable precautions, truthful person patience with us,” Allison Hudson, nationalist accusation serviceman with the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

At the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office Jail, lone attorneys are allowed to sojourn their clients and they tin lone bash truthful done a solid barrier.

Hudson said they’re keeping those inmates who bash drawback COVID isolated.

“We bash person to confine them to a abstraction that nary different inmates volition get interaction with them and past evidently we’re pursuing the CDC guidelines truthful we’re cleaning the areas and doing everything that we request to do,” Hudson said.

Out of 377 inmates astatine the Ascension Parish Jail, 14 had COVID connected Tuesday, July 27.

In West Baton Rouge Parish, determination are 301 inmates successful their jail, but close now, nary of them person tested affirmative for the virus. Major Zack Simmers said that’s due to the fact that of the precautions they’ve had successful spot since the commencement of the pandemic.

“The process we’ve taken, the masks, the manus sanitizer, the societal distancing, we’re not allowing them immoderate interaction with the extracurricular world,” Simmers said.

While they person had immoderate cases successful the past, West Baton Rouge Parish Jail is present keeping inmates isolated successful the parish, alternatively of transferring them to Angola.

“This is inactive an ongoing pandemic, inactive we’re asking radical to societal distance, radical if they person immoderate signs oregon symptoms to spell get checked oregon to quarantine,” Simmers said.

Visitors tin inactive travel to the West Baton Rouge Parish jail, but lone spot inmates done video kiosks.

In East Baton Rouge Parish, determination are 16 inmates with Covid, retired of astir 950 full inmates.

A spokesperson determination said they are pursuing each guidelines acceptable by the Department of Corrections and lone attorneys are allowed to sojourn their clients.

In Livingston Parish, 12 retired of 515 inmates person tested positive.

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