Man found guilty in 1976 killing of couple

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BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — Murder charges person been filed against a suspected serial slayer for the 2005 decease of a Battle Creek woman.

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office says they person requested execution charges against Harold David Haulman III for the decease of Ashley Parlier.

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Deputies accidental Parlier was large erstwhile she went missing from her location connected June 12, 2005. Ashley’s parents reported her missing and her assemblage has ne'er been found.

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office says they were contacted earlier this twelvemonth by instrumentality enforcement successful Pennsylvania regarding Ashley’s disappearance. Detectives accidental a antheral successful custody successful Pennsylvania for different murders gave them details astir Ashley’s disappearance and the imaginable determination of her assemblage successful the northbound conception of Newton Township.

Detectives searched the country doubly but were incapable to find Ashley’s body.

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Parlier family

Photo of Ashley Parlier.

Detectives traveled to Pennsylvania to interrogation 42-year-old Harold David Haulman III, a Pennsylvania nonmigratory formally of Battle Creek.

Calhoun County Sheriff's Detective Jonathan Pignataro has spent 20 years successful instrumentality enforcement, and 19 years successful Calhoun County.

He was connected the occupation erstwhile Ashley went missing.

“I retrieve the quality stories astir it. I was connected patrol arsenic a deputy. Ironically the aforesaid portion of occidental Calhoun county, wherever Ashley, her remains are suspected to be,” Pignataro said.

Detective Pignataro says they chiefly woody with drug-related crimes astatine his office. Interviewing a suspected serial slayer was difficult. He says the hardest portion is knowing determination is nary wide motive for wherefore Haulman did what helium did.

"It lone makes consciousness to him, successful his mind," Pignataro said.

Detectives accidental Haulman’s household worked for the U.S. authorities and helium lived successful antithetic locations, including Battle Creek from autumn 2002 until mid-2009.

Detectives accidental Haulman admitted to having an statement with Ashley astatine a location successful Emmet Township. He told detectives helium had assaulted her, knocked her unconscious, and drove her to a distant area. There, helium deed her successful the caput with a portion of wood until she died, and aboriginal got escaped of his blood-covered clothing.

Ashley's sister, Nicole Campen, says her parents some died successful 2020. They volition ne'er get the closure their household has truthful desperately searched for for the past 16 years.

"He didn’t conscionable termination my sister. He destroyed my parents. He ruined their lives backmost successful 2006. And it ne'er got better,” Campen said.

Haulman is successful custody successful Pennsylvania for a 2018 execution successful Luzerne County and a 2020 execution successful the aforesaid county. Campen says she wished Haulman had been caught sooner. Campen and detectives say, however, a monster was hiding successful plain sight. He had ne'er been connected instrumentality enforcement's radar until this year.

“We’re a tiny household from Battle Creek Michigan. This happens connected TV. This happens connected Investigation Discovery. This doesn’t hap successful your existent life,” Campen said.

Investigators accidental Haulman served clip successful jailhouse successful notation to a decease connected May 29, 1999, successful Ramstein, Germany.

Detectives accidental a forensic societal media hunt revealed that Haulman had researched worldly related to serial killers and sedate robbing.

The Calhoun County sheriff released a video connection regarding the investigation.

Detectives are inactive moving to find Ashley's remains. If anyone has immoderate further information, details, oregon knew Harold David Haulman III oregon Ashley Parlier delight interaction Calhoun County Sheriff Detectives astatine 269-781-0880.

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