McKane changeable and killed Detective Benjamin Marconi successful beforehand of SAPD office successful 2016

Otis McKane attacks a bailiff aft  helium  learns his blameworthy  verdict.

Otis McKane attacks a bailiff aft helium learns his blameworthy verdict.

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After little than an hr of deliberations, a Bexar County assemblage connected Monday recovered Otis McKane blameworthy of superior murder.

When the verdict was work successful the courtroom, McKane elbowed a bailiff successful the jaw who was attempting to detain him. Other officers instantly grabbed McKane.

McKane changeable San Antonio Police Department Det. Benjamin Marconi successful beforehand of constabulary office successful 2016.


The assemblage volition present spell into the punishment signifier of the capital execution trial, wherever McKane could beryllium sentenced to decease oregon beingness without the anticipation of parole. Those proceedings are expected to statesman Tuesday astatine 1:30 p.m. and volition beryllium streamed unrecorded connected

The proceedings marked the archetypal decease punishment lawsuit successful much than 5 years successful Bexar County and was the biggest transgression proceedings successful the region since assemblage trials reopened from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proceedings lasted 11 days implicit a three-week play successful which the prosecution called connected 55 witnesses to assistance contiguous its case, portion the defence lone called 1 witness, who testified for astir 15 minutes.

During closing arguments, the prosecution called the slaying “a nationalist execution successful beforehand of Public Safety Headquarters” and that McKane “meant to f*** somebody’s beingness up.” The prosecution besides pointed retired that McKane galore times admitted to sidesplitting Marconi.


The prosecution said that their witnesses and grounds proved beyond a tenable uncertainty that McKane is blameworthy of the complaint of superior execution due to the fact that Marconi was a bid serviceman acting successful the lawful discharge of an authoritative duty.

The defence countered that adjacent though helium was successful his constabulary cruiser successful the process of penning a postulation ticket, Marconi was texting astir idiosyncratic matters erstwhile helium was shot. Defense lawyer Joel Perez told jurors that if Marconi was conducting idiosyncratic matters erstwhile helium was shot, past McKane could not beryllium charged with superior execution and truthful would not beryllium taxable to a imaginable decease punishment sentence.

The assemblage disagreed.

On the greeting of Nov. 20, 2016, Marconi was sitting successful his patrol car extracurricular SAPD Public Safety Headquarters penning a summons to a operator erstwhile McKane pulled up successful a achromatic car pulled up down his cruiser. McKane walked up to the constabulary portion and changeable the serviceman doubly successful the caput arsenic helium sat successful the driver’s seat.


A monolithic manhunt ensued and a extremity led constabulary to apprehension of McKane 30 hours later.

It was aboriginal revealed that the greeting aft the shooting, the suspect walked into the Bexar County Courthouse and was joined arsenic constabulary searched for him.

Security footage showed him entering the courthouse, wherever helium obtained the matrimony license.

Watch much regular sum from the proceedings below:

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