Russian police raid home of investigative journalist

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MOSCOW – Police successful Russia raided the location of the main exertion of an investigative quality tract that was precocious designated arsenic a “foreign agent,” the latest determination by authorities to rise the unit connected autarkic media earlier the country's September parliamentary election.

The Insider quality tract main exertion Roman Dobrokhotov tweeted Wednesday that “police are knocking" connected his flat door, and his woman reported the raid to the OVD-Info ineligible assistance radical earlier her telephone became unavailable.

A lawyer from different ineligible assistance group, Pravozashchita Otkrytki, headed to Dobrokhotov's apartment. The radical said constabulary seized cellphones, laptops and tablets during the raid, arsenic good arsenic Dobrokhotov's planetary passport. Sergei Yezhov, a writer with The Insider, said Dobrokhotov was expected to question extracurricular of Russia connected Wednesday.

Police besides raided the location of Dobrokhotov’s parents, The Insider said. After the searches, Dobrokhotov was taken to a constabulary precinct for questioning and past released.


He told reporters extracurricular the precinct that The Insider volition proceed to run contempt the unit from authorities.

“It volition go much hard to enactment now. I don’t person compartment phones, I can’t question and conscionable my colleagues — galore of our investigations are international," Dobrokhotov said. "And, of course, it's superior pressure. But it’s wide that The Insider volition proceed to exist. Investigations volition beryllium released adjacent if I americium arrested. If they anticipation to halt the enactment of the quality site, they anticipation successful vain.”

Russian absorption supporters, autarkic journalists and quality rights activists person faced accrued authorities unit up of the Sept. 19 vote, which is wide seen arsenic an important portion of President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to cement his regularisation earlier the 2024 statesmanlike election.

The 68-year-old Russian leader, who has been successful powerfulness for much than 2 decades, pushed done law changes past twelvemonth that would perchance let him to clasp onto powerfulness until 2036.


In caller months, the authorities has designated respective autarkic media outlets and journalists arsenic "foreign agents" — a statement that implies further authorities scrutiny and carries beardown pejorative connotations that could discredit the recipients.

The targeted outlets see VTimes and Meduza. VTimes subsequently unopen down, citing the nonaccomplishment of advertisers, and Meduza launched a crowd-funding run aft encountering the aforesaid problem.

The Insider was the latest summation to the list. The quality outlet, which is registered successful Latvia, has worked with the investigative radical Bellingcat to analyse high-profile cases, specified arsenic the nervus cause poisonings of erstwhile Russian spy Sergei Sripal and Russian absorption person Alexei Navalny.

The Russian Justice Ministry acted nether a instrumentality that is utilized to designate arsenic overseas agents non-governmental organizations, media outlets and individuals who person overseas backing and prosecute successful activities loosely described arsenic political.


Another instrumentality is utilized to outlaw groups deemed “undesirable” and makes rank successful them a transgression offense. It has been utilized to prohibition 41 groups, including absorption groups, overseas NGOs and astir recently, the steadfast of Proekt, an online investigative media outlet.

The Justice Ministry past week besides designated 2 Proekt journalists and 3 different reporters arsenic overseas agents.

Russia utilized the instrumentality to levy dense fines connected U.S.-funded broadcaster Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty for failing to place its worldly arsenic produced by overseas agents. The broadcaster has asked the European Court of Human Rights to intervene.

According to The Insider, the searches targeting Dobrokhotov whitethorn beryllium related to a slander lawsuit launched successful April pursuing a ailment by a Dutch blogger. The Insider accused Max van der Werff of moving with Russian quality and subject services to dispersed mendacious accusation challenging the findings of the authoritative probe into the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 implicit eastbound Ukraine, which killed each 298 radical connected board.


The ineligible assistance radical said Dobrokhotov was a witnesser successful a transgression lawsuit against “unidentified persons” connected the charges of slander, launched implicit a tweet successful Dobrokhotov's relationship that contains “disinformation astir the downed Boeing MH-17.”

Earlier this week, Russian authorities blocked astir 50 websites linked to the imprisoned absorption person Navalny. The determination comes conscionable a period aft a tribunal successful Moscow outlawed Navalny's governmental infrastructure — his Foundation for Fighting Corruption and a web of determination offices — arsenic extremist successful a ruling that prevents radical associated with the groups from seeking nationalist bureau and exposes them to lengthy situation terms.

Navalny, Putin’s fiercest governmental foe, was arrested successful January upon returning from Germany, wherever helium spent 5 months recovering from a nervus cause poisoning that helium blames connected the Kremlin — an accusation rejected by Russian officials.


In February, the person was ordered to service 2½ years successful situation for violating a suspended condemnation from a 2014 embezzlement condemnation that helium dismissed arsenic politically motivated.

His apprehension and jailing sparked a question of wide protests crossed Russia successful what appeared to beryllium a large situation to the Kremlin. The authorities responded with wide arrests of demonstrators and transgression probes against Navalny’s closest associates.

On Wednesday, Lyubov Sobol, a apical state of Navalny and 1 of the fewer successful his squad who hasn't near Russia contempt being prosecuted connected a fig of charges, said Russia's authorities communications watchdog Roskomnadzor demanded that Twitter instrumentality down her account.

“What is it, if not the Kremlin's hysteria up of the election?” Sobol wrote.

It wasn't instantly wide whether Twitter would comply with the request.

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