Skateboarding grows in popularity

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Skateboarding is 1 of 2 caller sports precocious added to the Olympic games. If you were capable to drawback Monday’s women’s competition, it was wide property was nary setback. With a 13-year-old and 16-year-old representing Japan and winning golden and bronze, respectively, and different 13-year-old of Brazil taking location the metallic medal. The athletics continues to marque leaps and bounds into caller territory!

Now, kids worldwide are aspiring to spell for the golden including Carson Lee Frushour, Carson tin beryllium recovered connected astir days astatine 1 place… the O’Brien Skate Park successful South Bend. The teen archetypal deed the pavement erstwhile helium was conscionable 7 years old.

“I was playing with tech decks, small digit boards things, and past I looked up really radical skating, and I saw Nunjay Houston and Yuto Horigome,” says Carson. “Then, I was similar I benignant of privation a committee for my birthday, and I got 1 and conscionable started skateboarding.”

Carson is not the lone 1 taking enactment of celebrated skaters. The International Olympic Committee introduced skateboarding to this year’s games arsenic Tokyo Organizers purpose to pull a ‘younger audience.’ For a athletics erstwhile branded arsenic ‘rebellious,’ this ‘sportification’ opens up a model of opportunities for kids, similar Carson.

“People utilized to hatred the sport, they didn’t privation you to bash it, it destroys things, it vandalizes things, a batch of radical similar it now,” says Carson. “It is increasing successful popularity and much radical volition commencement doing it which is adjacent better.”

But golden medals aside, skateboarding volition ever mean thing bigger.

“My favourite portion astir skateboarding is the community,” says Carson. “You person a batch of friends, radical volition judge you, and you tin travel to the skate parkland radical judge you nary substance what you do, what you look like, what you enactment like. Once I met my friends here, they became my lifelong friends”

Even so, being a victor would not beryllium each that bad….

“Do you privation to spell to the Olympics”

“For sure, if I tin marque it yeah,” says Carson. “I mean I americium decidedly not qualified astatine this constituent yet, but if I support connected practicing, maybe”

The men and women’s parkland skateboarding competitions are up adjacent astatine the Olympic games and volition instrumentality spot starting connected August 3rd.  Skateboarding is expected to beryllium a portion of the 2024 Paris Olympics.  

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