Storm star could be stood down for refusing jab

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Superstar Storm prop Nelson Asofa-Solomona could find himself stood down from NRL duties for refusing to get vaccinated.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Asofa-Solomona, a two-time Storm premiership-winner, has informed the nine that does not privation to person the COVID-19 vaccination.

It's understood the nine is moving with the NRL and is besides exploring ineligible options.

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The 25-year-old is successful a tricky concern and the nine doesn't privation to beryllium disadvantaged by sacking Asofa-Solomona arsenic a effect of Victoria's wellness orders.

Nelson Asofa-Solomona of the Storm (Getty)

Victoria has a achromatic and achromatic vaccine mandate which doesn't licence nonrecreational athletes to partake successful their respective sports unless vaccinated.

The argumentation is truthful beardown that not adjacent the world's apical tennis players volition beryllium granted exemptions to bypass it, which Premier Daniel Andrews has stated connected respective occasions.

The NRL has already confirmed that nary vaccine mandate volition beryllium enactment successful place contempt the other attack taken by rival codification the AFL.

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Meanwhile, the NRL contiguous handed down its vaccination protocols for each 16 clubs.

In NSW, and until astatine slightest December 1, players who are unvaccinated aren't allowed to bid with their teammates.

This could alteration if wellness guidelines are changed aft December 1 erstwhile revisited, but for present the NRL is urging clubs to make idiosyncratic programs for those who aren't vaccinated.

Why V'landys won't mandate NRL vaccinations

The NRL is hoping that players successful NSW who opt against being vaccinated tin yet instrumentality to training.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald's report, the NRL outlined the pursuing guidelines beneath to clubs.

Restrictions for unvaccinated players

  • Wear a disguise astatine each times unless astatine location oregon astatine training
  • Wear a disguise astatine grooming unless exercising
  • Return a antagonistic COVID-19 trial earlier preseason
  • Two PCR tests per week
  • Complete whereabouts signifier connected NRL app each time by 2pm
  • Use abstracted bath and eating areas to different players
  • May not beryllium permitted to usage indoor gym astatine training
  • No visitors to your location oregon visiting different households
  • No nationalist transport
  • Prohibited from attending pubs, clubs and restaurants astatine this time

NRL CEO Andrew Abdo admitted that contempt the plans the NRL has enactment successful place, wellness guidelines volition person the last say.

"It is wide that those unit who take not to beryllium vaccinated against COVID-19 volition look important logistical hurdles successful 2022," NRL main enforcement Andrew Abdo told clubs successful an email connected Thursday.

"Vaccination not lone protects their wellness and that of those astir them, but gives the champion accidental of an interruption-free 2022 season."

The study besides states that Queensland is leaning towards the thought of mandatory 14-day isolation periods for teams and adjacent contacts erstwhile an unvaccinated subordinate tests affirmative for COVID-19.

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