The Latest: Biden to keep troops in until US evacuees out

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KABUL – WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden says he’s committed to keeping U.S. troops successful Afghanistan until each American is evacuated, adjacent if that means maintaining a subject beingness determination beyond his Aug. 31 deadline for withdrawal.

In an interrogation with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos connected Wednesday, Biden said that the U.S. volition bash “everything successful our power” to get Americans and U.S. allies successful the federation retired earlier the deadline. Pressed repeatedly connected however the medication would assistance Americans near successful the federation aft Aug. 31, Biden yet affirmed, “if there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna enactment till we get them each out.”

Up to 15,000 Americans stay successful Afghanistan aft the Taliban took afloat power of the nation. The Biden medication has received disapproval for the scenes of unit and upset successful caller days arsenic thousands attempted to fly portion the Taliban advanced.

But during the aforesaid interview, Biden suggested determination wasn’t thing the medication could’ve done to debar specified chaos. “The thought that somehow, there’s a mode to person gotten retired without chaos ensuing, I don’t cognize however that happens,” helium said.




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WASHINGTON — The Biden medication has suspended each arms income to the authorities of Afghanistan pursuing the Taliban takeover of the country.

In a announcement to defence contractors posted Wednesday, the State Department’s Political/Military Affairs Bureau said pending oregon undelivered arms transfers to Afghanistan had been enactment nether review.

“In airy of rapidly evolving circumstances successful Afghanistan, the Directorate of Defense Sales Controls is reviewing each pending and issued export licenses and different approvals to find their suitability successful furthering satellite peace, nationalist information and the overseas argumentation of the United States,” it said.

The announcement said it would contented updates for defence instrumentality exporters successful the coming days.


WASHINGTON — The International Monetary Fund says that the caller Taliban authorities successful Afghanistan volition not astatine the existent clip beryllium allowed to entree loans oregon different resources from the 190-nation lending organization.


In a connection Wednesday, the IMF said it would beryllium guided by the views of the planetary community.

The connection said, “There is presently a deficiency of clarity wrong the planetary assemblage regarding designation of a authorities successful Afghanistan, arsenic a effect of which the state cannot entree SDRs oregon different IMF resources.”

SDRs are peculiar drafting rights which service arsenic a reserve that IMF subordinate countries tin pat into to conscionable outgo obligations.

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