Things to do in August - Music festivals, parade of lanterns and free events

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I’m atrocious but however is it already astir August? That means it’s practically September which is astir Halloween and everyone knows erstwhile you deed Halloween it’s similar you blink and it’s New Year’s Eve.

Thankfully, I’m present arsenic your idiosyncratic lawsuit planner.

I anticipation you’re liking the KSAT Things To Do newsletter and I’m trying to support adding ideas (check retired that escaped section!) Whether you’re present for my awesome (lame) jokes oregon contempt them - I’m gladsome you’re with me.

Now that we’re heading into August and approaching the midpoint of summertime (Aug. 7) it’s clip to commencement making immoderate plans.

From Reggae connected the Guadalupe to Lance Bass successful New Braunfels - there’s a small thing for everyone.

I’ve got a 🍷-themed variation of the newsletter coming astatine you mid-month truthful beryllium connected the lookout for that too!

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Here’s a database of immoderate of the events going connected successful the San Antonio country successful August:


River Rodeo Music Festival - Lone Star Beer and Sendero Provisions Company are hosting a one-day festival from noon to 10 p.m. connected Aug. 14 successful New Braunfels. Houndmouth, an alternate blues band, and indie/folk-rock set Fruit Bats volition co-headline the inaugural festival. Tickets commencement astatine $85 for wide admittance and tin beryllium purchased here.

Reggae connected the Guadalupe - This unsocial euphony festival successful the bosom of the Hill Country volition instrumentality spot Aug. 20-22 astatine Roddy Tree Ranch. Grammy-nominated reggae pioneers, The Wailers, volition beryllium headlining the festival and determination volition beryllium occurrence dancers, belly dancers, drum circles and nutrient vendors successful lawsuit you get hungry. Get much accusation and purchase tickets here.


Celebrity Fan Fest - Celebrity Fan Fest astatine Six Flags Fiesta Texas is inactive going connected done Aug. 8. The interactive popular civilization instrumentality festival volition diagnostic personage appearances, photograph ops, sheet discussions, philharmonic performances and more. This twelvemonth Texas-native and salient histrion Owen Wilson volition attend. He’s scheduled to beryllium astatine Celebrity Fan Fest connected July 31 and Aug. 1.

Cypress Hill - Get acceptable to get insane successful the encephalon with Cypress Hill connected Aug. 8 successful New Braunfels. The radical volition beryllium performing astatine Whitewater Amphitheater and tickets are available here.

Dino Boogie Nights - The San Antonio Zoo is getting chaotic with much Dino Boogie Nights successful August. This ongoing bid of events volition extremity successful August with Zoochella Take 2 from 1 to 5 p.m. connected Aug. 1 and 80s nighttime connected Aug. 7 erstwhile the zoo volition enactment unfastened an other 3 hours. Want much accusation oregon to acquisition tickets? Click here.


Ziplining - I cognize this isn’t technically an lawsuit but it’s inactive beauteous chill and you mightiness not person known astir each these chill ziplining spots. There are zipline tours offered each implicit Texas, including astatine slightest 7 successful the San Antonio country up done Austin. Check retired the afloat database here.

Pancho Barraza - Mexican vocalist and songwriter Pancho Barraza volition beryllium performing astatine the Aztec Theatre connected Aug. 13. Doors volition unfastened astatine 7 p.m. and tickets scope from $49.50 to $99.50. Get much accusation oregon purchase tickets here.

Summer Lovin’ Fest - Food, vino and retail vendors volition each travel unneurotic for 1 nighttime benefiting the Fredericksburg Needs Council astatine The Backyard Amphitheater. There volition beryllium unrecorded performances from section musicians and a escaped outdoor screening of the movie “Grease.” General admittance tickets volition beryllium $20. Get much accusation here.


Live successful the Garden - An exclusive performance bid astatine the San Antonio Botanical Garden volition diagnostic a show by Azul Barrientos, accompanied by chap musicians connected Aug. 3. There volition besides beryllium a September and October show by Barrientos. Guests are encouraged to bring tract chairs and blankets and determination volition beryllium a assortment of nutrient and beverages disposable for purchase. The Frida Kahlo Oasis exhibition is besides inactive connected display. Get your tickets here.

Frida Kahlo’s home, creation inspiration brought to beingness astatine San Antonio Botanical Garden

Doug Benson - Comedian Doug Benson volition beryllium astatine LOL Comedy Club connected Aug. 8. He has respective fashionable podcasts and is besides a palmy filmmaker with titles similar “Super High Me” and “The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled.” Tickets are connected merchantability here.


Pop 2000 Tour - Lance Bass is hosting a throwback circuit that is making a halt astatine Texas Ski Ranch successful New Braunfels connected Aug. 14. Pop artists O-Town, Ryan Cabrera and LFO volition beryllium connected the circuit to assistance bring backmost those aboriginal 2000s TRL memories. Get accusation connected tickets here.

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel - You tin inactive acquisition Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel successful San Antonio arsenic the trendy creation grounds volition beryllium successful municipality done September. Ticketholders tin locomotion done the grounds successful astir 60 to 90 minutes, and summons prices alteration for antithetic dates, times and ages. Get much accusation here.

San Antonio Football Club - There are 2 location games successful August for the San Antonio FC. Get acceptable to #Defend210 and enactment your section shot team. See the crippled lineup here.


For the kids:

Splash Pads - Splash pads are a large mode for kids to get introduced to recreational h2o play and astir of the San Antonio splash pads are free. Here’s a database of 11 splash pads in the San Antonio area.

Movies Under the Stars - A movies-in-the-park bid astatine the Tower of Americas volition diagnostic “Avengers: Endgame″ connected Aug. 14. Admission is escaped and visitors are encouraged to bring blankets and chairs to beryllium on. Food and drinks volition beryllium disposable for purchase. Get much details here.

Kangaroo Cam - Check retired this 24-hour Livestream of the histrion kangaroo situation astatine the San Antonio Zoo! The zoos’ Matschie’s histrion kangaroos are Libby and Omeo - who is darker successful coloring than Libby.


A brace of Matschie’s histrion kangaroos, Omeo and Libby, are actively participating successful the Species Survival Plan astatine the San Antonio Zoo. (KSAT)


Ford Parade of Lanterns - The River Walk is going to airy up Aug. 27-29 for the Ford Parade of Lanterns. There volition beryllium 10 boats topped with elephantine illuminated lanterns floating on the downtown conception of the River Walk from 8-10 p.m., upwind permitting. Get much accusation here.

Back-to-School Giveaway - Vertical Worship Ministries is hoping to assistance hundreds of students crossed San Antonio with schoolhouse supplies. The lawsuit is unfastened to each families with children successful grades Pre-K done 12th, careless of income oregon schoolhouse district. Families indispensable registry earlier the lawsuit by clicking here. A COVID-19 vaccination session volition besides beryllium on-site, successful summation to food, euphony and doorway prizes.

Corazón Cinema - Every Thursday successful August determination volition beryllium a movie shown astatine San Antonio’s Main Plaza, located astatine 115 N. Main Avenue. Aug. 5 volition beryllium “Wall-E,” Aug. 12 volition beryllium “Clueless,” Aug. 19 volition beryllium “Wreck-It Ralph” and Aug. 26 volition beryllium “Grease.” The cinema is unfastened to the public.


DoSeum Family Night - A limited-space lawsuit volition instrumentality spot from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. connected Aug. 3 astatine the San Antonio DoSeum. A nexus for summons reservations volition beryllium posted astatine 8 a.m. the greeting of Free Family Night. Registration is connected a first-come, first-served ground and is required for everyone who wishes to be - including members. Click present for much information.


Opera successful the Park - This is simply a escaped outdoor performance acquisition tailored for the younger procreation that volition instrumentality spot astatine 10 a.m. connected Aug. 7 astatine Landa Library. Guests are invited to bring blankets and battalion a picnic brunch to bask successful the park. Get much accusation here.

Wonderland UFO Festival - It’s back! The Wonderland UFO Festival features family-friendly events on with vendors selling UFO-related merchandise. There volition besides beryllium nonrecreational researchers and speakers connected the UFO phenomenon. The festival takes spot from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. connected Aug. 28 astatine Wonderland of the Americas. Get afloat details here.



The evening of Aug. 9 volition statesman Islamic New Year which concludes the pursuing evening connected Aug. 10. Islamic New Year, besides known arsenic Hijri New Year oregon Arabic New Year, marks the archetypal time of Muharram, the archetypal period successful the Islamic calendar, according to

Days statesman astatine sunset successful the Islamic calendar and the lawsuit is connected a antithetic time each twelvemonth due to the fact that the Islamic calendar is astir 11-12 days shorter than the Gregorian calendar that you are apt acquainted with. The Islamic calendar is simply a lunar calendar, arsenic opposed to a star calendar, and the sighting of the crescent satellite begins the caller year. notes that events similar Ramadan and the 2 festivals, Eid ul-Fitr (Festival of Breaking the Fast) and Eid ul-Adha (Festival of the Sacrifice) besides determination eleven days earlier each twelvemonth based connected the Islamic calendar.


Different Islamic denominations and cultures bash antithetic things to people Muharram, according to Some Muslim communities accelerated during antithetic times of Murharram, which is believed to beryllium the astir ineffable period of the year.

If you person a person who is Muslim and follows the Islamic calendar, cultural adept Ali al Saloom says “Kul aam wa anatom bekhayr,” which translates to “I privation you good connected this juncture each year” is simply a bully mode to grant the vacation and greet your friend.


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