Trump Falls Into Biden’s Trap And Hints At Coming To Virginia To Sabotage Glenn Youngkin

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President Biden baited Trump by saying that Republican Glenn Youngkin doesn’t privation him successful the state. Trump responded by suggesting that he’s coming to Virginia.

Video of President Biden campaigning for Terry McAuliffe successful Virginia:

"I ran against Donald Trump, and Terry is moving against an acolyte of Donald Trump," President Biden said connected a run halt with Terry McAuliffe, who is successful a pugnacious contention against the Republican Glenn Youngkin for Virginia governor.

— The New York Times (@nytimes) October 27, 2021

The President said:

And here’s what other you ought to deliberation about. Terry’s hostile has made each of his backstage pledges of loyalty to Donald Trump.  But what’s truly absorbing to me: He won’t basal adjacent to Donald Trump present that the run is on.
Think astir it.  He won’t let Donald Trump to run for him successful this state.  And he’s consenting to pledge his loyalty to Trump successful private, wherefore not successful public? What’s helium trying to hide?  Is determination a occupation with Trump being here?  Is helium embarrassed? 

Trump Responded By Falling Into The Trap

Just similar Pennywise from It, Trump responded from his dark and dank country of the internet,Chanting, We emotion Trump successful Arlington, Va. Thank you, Arlington, spot you soon!”

In lawsuit you don’t cognize what that tortured, and fractured spot of connection crockery meant, Donald Trump is reacting to reports from blimpish media that determination were we emotion Trump chants astatine Biden’s quality for McAuliffe.

Glenn Youngkin has made it wide that helium doesn’t privation Trump anyplace adjacent his run successful Virginia. The Lincoln Project came retired with a caller advertisement that pushed Trump’s buttons.

The champion mode to marque definite that Virginia inactive has a Democratic politician is to let Donald Trump and his circus of corruption to rotation into the state.

Democrats cognize that if Trump shows his look successful Virginia, Youngkin volition beryllium doomed, truthful Joe Biden acceptable a trap, and Donald Trump looks to beryllium falling close into it.

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