US, Russia hold 'professional' arms talks despite tensions

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WASHINGTON – Senior diplomats from the United States and Russia held what the State Department described arsenic “substantive and professional” talks connected arms power and different strategical issues connected Wednesday contempt myriad different differences that person sent relations into a tailspin.

The State Department said the discussions successful Geneva produced nary breakthroughs but said they did output the minimum for a affirmative effect of specified negotiations: an statement to conscionable again successful the discourse of talks endorsed by Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

"We stay committed, adjacent successful times of tension, to ensuring predictability and reducing the hazard of equipped struggle and menace of atomic war," the section said successful a statement. The 2 presidents had agreed to resume strategical talks erstwhile they met successful Geneva past month.

Moving up connected this front, contempt their heavy differences connected different issues, reflects the precocious precedence that Putin and Biden spot connected avoiding a caller atomic arms race. In a little statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Wednesday's talks yielded a “comprehensive treatment of the sides’ approaches to maintaining strategical stability, the prospects for arms power and measures to trim risks.”


The State Department called it the opening of a dialogue.

"The U.S. delegation discussed U.S. argumentation priorities and the existent information environment, nationalist perceptions of threats to strategical stability, prospects for caller atomic arms control, and the format for aboriginal Strategic Stability Dialogue sessions,” it said.

Separately, a elder State Department authoritative who participated successful the talks said the U.S. was pleased with the archetypal speech and hopeful that it would beryllium the commencement of a “sustained and productive dialogue” connected arms power and different strategical issues. “We expressed our goals and principles successful what are the adjacent steps successful arms power moving forward,” the authoritative said. “The Russians did the same.”

The official, who spoke connected information of anonymity to sermon specifics, told reporters the docket was not strictly confined to accepted atomic arms control, but besides delved into the usage of abstraction and artificial quality arsenic good arsenic cyber matters, though the cyber treatment was focused connected strategical issues and atomic weapons and not ransomware oregon hacking.


The authoritative said the Russians, arsenic expected, raised concerns astir American rocket defenses, and the American broadside responded with Washington’s accustomed statement that those systems are not aimed astatine Russia but alternatively astatine threats posed by Iran and North Korea. The taxable was not discussed successful detail, the authoritative said.

The U.S., since Donald Trump was president, has besides insisted that China beryllium portion of immoderate caller arms power arrangements. Russia has said that is up to the Chinese, who person frankincense acold rejected each entreaties to see the idea. At Wednesday' talks, the U.S. delegation expressed concerns astir China's increasing atomic capableness and Beijing's refusal to sermon the topic, the elder authoritative said.

The 2 sides were represented by U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. State Department spokesperson Ned Price said they had agreed to clasp different high-level circular of talks successful precocious September. The U.S. squad volition question to Brussels connected Thursday to little NATO allies connected the talks, helium said.


Wednesday's gathering was held arsenic some sides expressed caller communal animosity pursuing derogatory comments from Biden astir Russia and a retort from Putin’s spokesman.

Speaking to members of the U.S. quality community, Biden said Tuesday that Putin was successful “real trouble” due to the fact that the Russian system has “nuclear weapons and lipid wells and thing else.”

"He knows he’s successful existent trouble, which makes him adjacent much dangerous, successful my view,” Biden said.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov responded indignantly connected Wednesday, saying Biden's remarks were "inherently incorrect” and based connected “erroneous cognition and knowing of modern Russia.” He noted that Biden was speaking to the U.S. quality community, and “such rousing statements are successful request from this audience.”

The warfare of words, however, is improbable to distract from the cardinal issues astatine involvement successful the strategical talks, which person taken connected caller value since the Trump medication withdrew from 2 treaties with Russia and had been prepared to let a 3rd — New START — to lapse earlier Biden took bureau and decided to widen it.


Daryl Kimball, enforcement manager of the Arms Control Association, said Wednesday's Geneva talks were a affirmative step, “but the 2 sides request to accelerate the pace" of meetings due to the fact that the extremity indispensable beryllium to statesman negotiations aimed astatine reducing a full scope of atomic weapons. He said the intent should beryllium to get negotiations started earlier the extremity of the year.

Biden told reporters successful Geneva aft his June 16 gathering with Putin that the strategical information dialog should amusement results successful a substance of months.

“We’ll find retired wrong the adjacent six months to a twelvemonth whether oregon not we really person a strategical dialog that matters,” helium said, adding that it should pb to enactment not lone connected atomic weapons issues but besides cybersecurity and different matters.

A cardinal hurdle successful the talks is Russia’s request that the U.S. halt resisting limits connected its rocket defenses, which the Russians presumption arsenic a semipermanent menace and the Americans spot arsenic a deterrent to war.


The Russians person agelong insisted determination tin beryllium nary strategical stableness without limits connected antiaircraft arsenic good arsenic violative weapons. Russia near nary uncertainty that it volition importune that rocket defence beryllium portion of a aboriginal arms power arrangement.

For its part, the Biden medication wants Moscow to hold to bounds its alleged non-strategic atomic weapons, which are not covered by New START. Some arms power experts deliberation this presents the anticipation of a tradeoff — negotiations covering rocket defenses arsenic good arsenic non-strategic weapons.


Associated Press writer Daria Litvinova successful Moscow contributed to this report.

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