WATCH: Jake Tapper Asks GOP Chief Why Police Union, Which Backed Trump, Isn’t Supporting Brutalized Capitol Police Officers

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It is not a monolith, but mostly constabulary officers enactment the Republican party. So what happens erstwhile supporters of the enactment savagely onslaught cops? The answer, truthful far, has been a full batch of nothing.

During a caller interview, Capitol serviceman Michael Fanone said that helium is yet to perceive from the Fraternal Order of Police. Jake Tapperpressed FOP Head, Patrick Yoes, astir the substance connected Wednesday.

The CNN host asked, “Do you feel, due to the fact that FOP endorsed Donald Trump and due to the fact that truthful galore members of FOP are Trump supporters, bash you consciousness arsenic though you can’t — arsenic publicly, arsenic vocally arsenic you privation to, arsenic you different would — explicit enactment for the officers who defended the Capitol that time for fearfulness of moving afoul of Trump protagonist FOP members who really broadside with the insurrectionists arsenic opposed to the constabulary officers who protected the Capitol that day?”

Yoes fundamentally declined to reply the question, saying that the national supports officers connected some sides of the governmental aisle.

Tapper followed, “I conscionable don’t spot FOP retired determination decrying it successful a mode I deliberation you would beryllium if it was, for instance, idiosyncratic connected MSNBC attacking a constabulary officer. Do you consciousness that you cannot beryllium arsenic supportive of the Capitol Police officers, of the Metropolitan Police Department officers, arsenic you would privation to beryllium due to the fact that Trump supporters marque up astir of your union?”

Tapper: FOP regularly defends constabulary officers. That’s your job.. I don’t spot you doing it publicly.. Laura Ingraham was giving retired fake academy awards accusing your constabulary officers of acting…
Yoes: …I stopped watching the news
Tapper: That’s not quality

— Acyn (@Acyn) July 28, 2021

The FOP answered, “I don’t deliberation there’s been a week that has gone by since January 6th that we person not been engaged successful meaningful treatment and actions connected behalf of that incidental connected that day. So to suggest that someway we’re ignoring it is not true.”

Considering that 140 officers were inured connected 1/6, the soundlessness of the national speaks volumes.

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