Roll into Reading aims to assistance kids grow location libraries

Whataboy visits SAISD Jumpstart students to beforehand   readingWhataboy visits SAISD Jumpstart students to beforehand reading

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Independent School District is gearing up for the schoolhouse twelvemonth and making it arsenic breathtaking arsenic imaginable for students.

The Roll Into Reading inaugural is portion of the SAISD Foundation Book Buddies programme and unneurotic with the district’s proscription section and a concern with Whataburger, it’s helping to support kids funny successful speechmaking implicit the summer.

Since the commencement of Jumpstart connected July 19, SAISD buses person loaded up with a assortment of books for Pre-K done 5th-grade students. The intent of Roll Into Reading is to beforehand a civilization of literacy and imaginativeness astatine home. The programme began past summertime during the pandemic. It was truthful palmy that the territory wanted to bring it backmost this summer.

“We anticipation that they conscionable make a emotion for reading. Our schools are moving connected that,” Judy Geelhoed, Executive Director of the SAISD Foundation said. “We privation to enactment connected that by making definite determination (are) books astatine location that they tin entree whenever they privation (and) make their ain location libraries during the schoolhouse year.”


The SAISD Foundation provides the books and amusive bookmarks portion the district’s proscription section is successful complaint of making the transportation to each Jumpstart campus. Whataburger adds its popular of orangish that makes the book-drop-off adjacent much breathtaking for students.

“They perfectly emotion it, and it’s specified a joyousness to spot the smiles connected their face,” Hayward Smith said. Smith is an operating spouse successful grooming with Whataburger. “When they person the books and get a high-five from Whataguy, they emotion it. It’s an implicit privilege to beryllium a portion of the community.”

Through the Book Buddies program, the SAISD Foundation volition present an further six books to each pupil successful K done 5th people to assistance grow children’s location libraries.

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