Food systems transformation a ‘silver lining’ in COVID crisis: UN deputy chief

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A sustainable and prosperous satellite tin lone beryllium achieved done moving unneurotic and successful solidarity, the UN Deputy Secretary-General said connected Wednesday astatine the extremity of a large planetary nutrient information meeting.

Amina Mohammed was speaking during her closing property league astatine the Food Systems Pre-Summit successful Rome, Italy. 

‘A metallic lining’ 

More than 500 delegates from 108 countries attended in-person, portion thousands much joined virtually. Participants included authorities officials, smallholder farmers, producers, indigenous people, women and youth. 

“This gathering has shown america that there’s a metallic lining to this COVID crisis: Food systems are a precedence country for transformative investments, that tin pb the transitions that we request to make,” said Ms. Mohammed. 

“Only by moving unneurotic – arsenic 1 people, successful solidarity – tin we person a sustainable and prosperous satellite for all.” 

The Rome gathering paves the way to the UN Food Systems Summit successful September, wherever countries volition underline the request to alteration however the satellite produces, consumes and thinks astir food.  

On ‘fertile ground’ 

It is portion of the Decade of Action to execute the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which purpose to present a much conscionable aboriginal for each radical and the satellite by 2030. 

The Pre-Summit has provided “fertile ground” for a beardown result successful September, according to Ms. Mohammed. 

“We are agreed successful our content that wrong nutrient systems lies the imaginable to execute each of the goals for people, planet, and prosperity. There is tremendous vigor bhind this belief,” she said. 

“There is designation that our challenges are urgent and indispensable beryllium addressed astatine scale.  There is besides an unthinkable tendency to interruption down the silos that beryllium betwixt authorities Ministries and thematic sectors and communities.” 

Hope and solutions 

In her code to the authoritative closing ceremony, the UN lawman main described the acme process arsenic “a crushed of hope” during the pandemic. 

Even arsenic the situation has kept radical physically apart, the process has really brought them together.  

“The Pre-Summit has shown maine that we tin present connected the close to food, portion securing the aboriginal of our planet,” she said. 

 “Just arsenic nutrient brings america unneurotic arsenic cultures and communities, it tin besides bring america unneurotic astir solutions.” 

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