Texas Immunization Registry, called ImmTrac2, keeps vaccine records

COVID-19 vaccination card

COVID-19 vaccination card

SAN ANTONIO – If you person the COVID-19 vaccine but you suffer your vaccination card, what bash you do?

It’s a question radical person asked online and it turns retired determination are really respective antithetic ways you mightiness beryllium capable to get a caller vaccination paper if yours is mislaid oregon destroyed.

When you get the archetypal dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, you should beryllium fixed a vaccination paper that lists the supplier of the vaccine (Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson) arsenic good arsenic the tract wherever you received the dose.

In astir cases, you tin instrumentality to the tract wherever you received the vaccine and petition a transcript of your vaccination card.

If you received your 2nd dose astatine a antithetic determination than the first, that supplier volition typically beryllium capable to verify wherever you received your archetypal dose and inactive contented you a caller vaccination card.

Retailers similar CVS and Walgreens besides person vaccine accusation for patients connected their respective websites. If you received your archetypal oregon 2nd dose astatine 1 of these retailers you tin make an relationship online and entree your COVID-19 vaccination records.


There’s nary request to panic if that enactment isn’t disposable to you oregon if the supplier is incapable to contented you a replacement card.

“What happens is that we grounds each of your vaccinations successful your physics aesculapian grounds that has a nexus to the state’s vaccination registry,” vice president and main pharmacy serviceman astatine the University of Chicago Medicine Kevin Colgan told the Washington Post.

State wellness departments are besides capable to contented replacement vaccination cards. The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) uses the Texas Immunization Registry, called ImmTrac2, to support vaccine records.


Texas instrumentality requires written consent by individuals to enactment successful the registry, according to ImmTrac2. It’s 100% escaped and consolidates individuals’ immunization records from aggregate sources into 1 centralized system.

DSHS requires each COVID‑19 vaccine providers to study vaccine medication information to the ImmTrac2 wrong 24 hours of administration. So, let 24 hours aft your dose for this accusation to go disposable online.

The CDC besides recommends taking a photo of your vaccination paper arsenic a backup copy.


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