‘Holy moly!’: Inside Texas' fight against a ransomware hack

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DALLAS – It was the commencement of a steamy Friday 2 Augusts agone erstwhile Jason Whisler settled successful for a moving meal astatine the Coffee Ranch edifice successful the Texas Panhandle metropolis of Borger. The astir pressing docket point for metropolis officials that morning: readying for a state euphony performance and day event.

Then Whisler's telephone rang. Borger's machine strategy had been hacked.

Workers were frozen retired of files. Printers spewed retired demands for money. Over the adjacent respective days, residents couldn't wage h2o bills, the authorities couldn't process payroll, constabulary officers couldn't retrieve definite records. Across Texas, akin scenes played retired successful astir 2 twelve communities deed by a cyberattack officials yet tied to a Russia-based transgression syndicate.

In 2019, ransomware had yet to look arsenic 1 of the apical nationalist information concerns confronting the United States, an contented that would go the focus of a statesmanlike summit betwixt Washington and Moscow this year. But the attacks successful Texas were a harbinger of the now-exploding menace and connection a vivid lawsuit survey successful what happens down the scenes erstwhile small-town America comes nether attack.


Texas communities struggled for days with disruptions to halfway authorities services arsenic workers successful tiny cities and towns endured a cascade of frustrations brought connected by the blase cyberattack, according to thousands of pages of documents reviewed by The Associated Press and interviews with radical progressive successful the response. The AP besides learned caller details astir the attack’s scope and victims, including an Air Force basal wherever entree to a instrumentality enforcement database was interrupted, and a metropolis forced to run its water-supply strategy manually.

In caller months, a ransomware onslaught led to gasoline shortages. Another, tied to the aforesaid hacking pack that attacked the Texas communities, threatened nutrient supplies. But the Texas attacks — which, dissimilar these salient cases, were resolved without a ransom outgo — marque wide that ransomware request not deed captious infrastructure oregon large corporations to interrupt regular life.


“It was conscionable a scary feeling,” Whisler, Borger's exigency absorption coordinator, recounted successful an interview.


In the aboriginal greeting of Aug. 16, arsenic astir Texans were inactive asleep, hackers fractional a satellite distant were burrowing into networks. They encrypted files and near ransom notes.

That afternoon, with the attack's interaction becoming apparent, the metropolis manager of Vernon emailed colleagues astir a “ransom type” microorganism affecting the constabulary department. The metropolis adjacent the Oklahoma authorities enactment could get backmost online by paying the $2.5 cardinal the hackers were demanding, helium wrote, but that was “obviously” not the plan.

“Holy moly!!!!!” replied metropolis commissioner Pam Gosline, present the mayor.

The culprits were affiliated with REvil, the Russia-linked syndicate that past outpouring extorted $11 cardinal from meat-processor JBS and much precocious was down a Fourth of July play onslaught that crippled businesses astir the globe. In the Texas case, however, communities were yet capable to retrieve astir of their information and rebuild their systems without anyone paying ransom.


The hackers gained their foothold done an onslaught connected a Texas steadfast that provides exertion services to section governments, branching done screen-sharing bundle and distant medication to prehend power of the networks of immoderate of the company's clients.

An aboriginal hint of occupation came with a 2 a.m. telephone telephone to the firm's president, Richard Myers. His company, TSM Consulting Services Inc., provides information communications work for Texas communities, linking constabulary agencies to a statewide instrumentality enforcement database.

One of his client's servers was unresponsive, helium was told. Upon inspection, Myers noticed that idiosyncratic who wasn't expected to beryllium successful the machine strategy was trying to instal thing remotely. He rebooted the server. Things initially seemed fixed until the section called back: One of its laptops had a ransom enactment connected it.

It soon became wide the occupation wasn’t isolated to a azygous client.


“I don’t deliberation you tin statesman to explicit the panic that goes done your caput erstwhile thing similar that starts to unfold,” helium said.

Within hours, authorities officials were hunkered wrong an underground operations halfway usually utilized for calamities similar hurricanes and floods. Gov. Greg Abbott declared it a cyber disaster. Texas National Guard cyber specialists were activated.

“If you needed to physique thing — you needed an inspection, thing similar that — retired of luck for a week,” said Andy Bennett, the state’s then-deputy main accusation information officer. “Records look-ups? Couldn’t spell look up records. Basically, if there’s a municipal relation that you would spell down to a metropolis hallway for, oregon that you would trust connected the constabulary section for, it wasn’t available.”


In Borger, a metropolis of less than 13,000, aboriginal indications were worrisome arsenic the metropolis raced to unopen down its computers.

Gibberish ransom demands spat retired of printers and displayed connected immoderate machine screens. Government files were encrypted, with titles similar "Budget Document” replaced by nonsensical combinations of letters and symbols, said existent metropolis manager Garrett Spradling.


Vital records, similar commencement and decease certificates, were offline. Payments couldn’t beryllium processed, checks couldn’t beryllium issued — though, blessedly for Borger, it was an off-week for payroll. Signs posted connected a drive-up model extracurricular City Hall told residents the metropolis couldn’t process h2o measure payments but cutoffs would beryllium delayed.

One update shared with metropolis officials soon aft the onslaught described however each server was infected, arsenic were astir 60% of the 85 computers inspected by that point. A metropolis authorities email told assembly members that agendas for a gathering would beryllium successful insubstantial format, “since your tablets won’t beryllium capable to connect.” An authoritative told a justice it was unclear if machine systems would beryllium operational successful clip for trials 2 days away.

Because the metropolis had paid for offsite distant backup, Borger had the capableness to reformat servers, reinstall the operating strategy and bring information backmost over. A recently purchased server that had yet to beryllium installed came successful handy. The constabulary department, however, retained its information locally and the onslaught hampered officers' entree to erstwhile incidental reports, Spradling said.


As they worked to resoluteness the problem, officials shared draught property releases that offered reassurances that captious exigency operations would proceed and that the attacks weren’t a reflection of immoderate misstep by the city.

One councilmember, a subject seasoned named Milton Ooley, cautioned against publicity for the hackers' “form of terrorism.”

“This is accordant with my firsthand acquisition with however the U.S. handled coercion successful Europe erstwhile I was determination successful the precocious ’70s, immoderate of which was directed astatine U.S. units including rocket units I worked with/in during those days,” helium wrote colleagues. In an interview, helium said helium believed the nationalist was entitled to accusation but hackers didn’t merit notoriety.

The time of the attack, Jeremy Sereno was moving his civilian occupation astatine Dell erstwhile helium was contacted by the authorities astir the attack. A lieutenant colonel and elder cybersecurity serviceman with the Texas Military Department, Sereno began helping deploy Texas National Guard troops to hacked cities, wherever specialists implicit the adjacent 2 weeks helped measure the damage, reconstruct information from backed-up files and retake power of locked systems.


One of the archetypal areas of interest was a tiny North Texas metropolis wherever the onslaught locked the “human-machine interface” that workers utilized to power the h2o supply, forcing them to run the strategy manually, Sereno said. Water purity was not endangered.

“That was astir apt our biggest fig one,” Sereno said. “That’s what’s considered captious infrastructure, erstwhile you speech astir water.”

AP is not identifying the metropolis astatine the urging of authorities officials, who said doing truthful could gully caller attacks connected its h2o system.

In Graham, a tiny metropolis a mates of hours westbound of Dallas, the machine microorganism attacked a constabulary server lodging body-camera videos, causing hundreds of them to beryllium lost, said Sgt. Chris Denney.

For days, officers had to usage notebooks and pens to instrumentality reports. Instead of utilizing mobile information terminals to tally checks connected people, officers had to trust connected requests to dispatchers of a sheriff’s bureau that was unaffected by the attack, said Chief Brent Bullock.


“That's been astatine these officers’ fingertips for years, and past each of a sudden, they don’t person that anymore,” Bullock said. Officers, helium added, “kind of had to spell backmost to aged school."

Other communities preemptively took perchance susceptible systems offline. In the Austin suburb of Leander, the metropolis unopen disconnected the programme that constabulary utilized to cheque licence plates for 24 hours arsenic IT unit worked to corroborate that it hadn’t been exposed.

Emails uncover moments of exasperation arsenic problems persisted.

Spradling complained to an extracurricular exertion institution astir “massive delays” successful getting a effect to a enactment request. Local exertion managers griped astir what they perceived arsenic authorities and instrumentality enforcement secretiveness. Several successful cities that were not deed complained successful emails aft the onslaught that they hadn’t been told what institution the ransomware dispersed from and didn’t person capable accusation to guarantee their systems were safe.


The interaction wasn’t constricted to section governments. Sheppard Air Force Base confirmed to AP that its entree to a statewide instrumentality enforcement database utilized for inheritance checks connected visitors was temporarily interrupted, causing delays for issuing passes. Operations were different unaffected.

Officials astatine Joint Base San Antonio Randolph, which nationalist records indicated was besides affected, did not straight reply questions astir the hack but said that it had nary interaction connected “missions oregon web security” and the basal “as a whole” was not a target.

One complication: TSM’s lawsuit database was itself encrypted, though yet a transcript was procured, officials said. State officials didn’t instantly cognize which communities had been victimized. They called astir asking, “Were you impacted? Were you impacted? Were you impacted?” said Nancy Rainosek, Texas’ main accusation information officer.

“There was 1 spot that we contacted and they said, ‘no, no, we’re not hit,’" Rainosek said. Then, days later, “they said, ‘yes, we were.’”



State officials spent a afloat week wrong their bid station — built to withstand a atomic blast — and utilized a representation to illustration the attack’s spread. All told, immoderate 23 authorities entities were yet shaded to bespeak they’d been hit.

“It’s a spot of a caput conflict due to the fact that you’re trying to enactment focused and contiguous connected the folks that you cognize about,” said Amanda Crawford, enforcement manager of the Texas Information Resources Department. “But you’re continually worrying about, ‘Is determination thing you’re missing? Or are determination others, that you’re going to get different telephone that idiosyncratic other has been hit?’”

By Wednesday evening, records show, astir metropolis services successful Borger were restored, including inferior payments, captious statistic and astir worker computers. The concern had stabilized; the metropolis ended up with astir 80% of its information backmost and the performance Whisler was readying happened arsenic scheduled.


Still, successful a metropolis with a astir $31 cardinal budget, Borger had overtime IT expenses to contend with and purchased $44,000 worthy of caller computers. It's invested successful further cybersecurity protections, including immoderate $30,000 successful yearly costs for further distant backup.

Borger officials successful the weeks earlier the hack had discussed upgrading the menace level from cyberattacks. Those considerations are present much than theoretical.

“When you kick astir having to alteration your passwords, you kick a batch much erstwhile it’s ne'er happened to you and you don’t person thing to subordinate it to,” Spradling said. “You thin to kick a small little aft you’ve had to reply the telephone and archer 300 radical they couldn’t wage their h2o bill.”

But harm remains 2 years later.

Sometimes adjacent now, Spradling said, officials volition spell to propulsion an aged study oregon code grounds — lone to find it isn't there.


Tucker reported from Washington.

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