Mike Pence Wants to Run for Office in 2024, But Experts Say Trump Fans Will Never Forgive Him

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It is very common for Vice Presidents to run for higher office later on down the road. And that is most likely the path that Mike Pence will take in 2024. But the presence of Donald Trump will make things quite tricky.

Trump very much wants to run for office in 2024. Of course, there are a number of obstacles that may prevent him from doing so. If he is able to run again, though, he is going to turn against anyone willing to go against him.

In polls tracking the 2024 election, Pence has regularly been a top candidate for the Republican nomination. It will be a tough road for him, however. Republican insiders say that Trump supporters will never forgive Pence for refusing to overturn the election.

Republican strategist Doug Heye told The Hill, “He is, unfortunately, for having done the right thing by following the constitutional duties of his office, committed an unforgivable sin to Trump, and therefore to his most loyal supporters.”

Heye continued, “You have other people who are looking to run too … none of whom crossed Trump on the most fundamental loyalty test to Donald Trump, which was ultimately Jan. 6. Pence having done that means that it’s an easy thing for the real Trump acolytes to go after. And those just happen to be the most demonstrative and loudest part of the party, quite often.”

Trump has never forgiven Pence for his actions. And if the former vice president chooses to run against his for colleague, Trump is sure to attack him relentlessly.

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