New Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Details Reveal The Culture Behind 'Bill Cosby' Suite

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Over the past week, caller details person been uncovered following a suit filed by the State of California against Activision Blizzard. The suit centers astir allegations that absorption connected workplace harassment, intersexual misconduct, and assorted different labour instrumentality infringements. Now, a caller study shows disconnected much astir what the reported "frat-boy culture" refers to, this clip surrounding what is being dubbed the Bill Cosby suite. 

Detailed successful a caller study from Kotakuthere is photographed documentation of the Cosby Suite that is named successful the lawsuit. In the societal media posts obtained by the site, it is further supported that much than conscionable the named Alex Afrasiabi was progressive successful the alleged workplace behavior, though Afrasiabi remains beforehand and halfway successful the latest findings. 

The suite wasn't conscionable a name. The developers seen successful the obtained images amusement the men progressive posing with pictures of Bill Cosby alongside the beingness of alcohol. Alcohol during manufacture events is nothing new. However, this peculiar suite reportedly took things to the adjacent level, not lone drafting inspiration from Cosby, but 1 caption by a idiosyncratic progressive proclaiming the suite to beryllium a spot of "gathering blistery chixx for the Coz" erstwhile talking astir imaginable hookups. 

“Bring 'em,” the tract notes was Afrasiabi's reply. “You can’t wed ALL of them Alex,” erstwhile Blizzard decorator David Kosak said. “I can, I’m mediate eastern,” responded Afrasiabi. Jesse McCree, a pb crippled decorator astatine Blizzard responded, saying: “You misspelled f****.”

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The tract notes that different pb designer, Cory Stockton, was an progressive subordinate successful a radical chat with the images, arsenic good arsenic Greg Street, who is present astatine Riot Games. A subordinate of HR was besides reportedly a portion of the images shown, which whitethorn shed some airy on the lawsuit plaintiff's claims attempts to spell to HR for assistance being reportedly rebuffed. 

According to societal media posts made by those involved, the Cosby Suite was what Afrasiabi's BlizzCon 2013's edifice country was called successful notation to the histrion Bill Cosby, who was convicted of rape, earlier his condemnation was overturned connected a technicality earlier successful 2021. Afrasiabi, alongside Blizzard president J. Allen Brack, was explicitly named successful the suit against Activision Blizzard. “During a institution lawsuit (an yearly normal called Blizz Con [sic]) Afrasiabi would deed connected pistillate employees, telling him [sic] helium wanted to wed them, attempting to buss them, and putting his arms astir them,” reads the complaint. “This was successful plain presumption of different antheral employees, including supervisors, who had to intervene and propulsion him disconnected pistillate employees. Afrasiabi was truthful known to prosecute successful harassment of females that his suite was nicknamed the ‘Crosby Suite’ [sic] aft alleged rapist Bill Crosby [sic].”

One root told the tract that erstwhile the suite began its connotation, it was successful narration to Cosby's "ugly sweaters" and not the rape allegations against him successful 2013, but that aboriginal it transformed into a absorption connected much sexualized context. Another root said that the disfigured connection, aesthetically speaking, was besides a jab astatine an "ugly boardroom backmost astatine Blizzard's main office" with outdated designs; similar Cosby's sweater. Kotaku notes that this justification doesn't rather enactment up with the images presented, wherever the walls were bare and without design.

Another representation showed a pistillate sitting connected a furniture successful the country whilst holding a representation of Cosby with different pistillate holding idiosyncratic else's breast. Male colleagues cheered connected the action, calling it "Coz Approved," which sources accidental is indicative of Afrasiabi's alleged "predatory behavior." 

Another root told the tract that portion Kosak was involved, helium was 1 of the fewer that would measurement successful erstwhile things were taken excessively far, including protecting colleagues erstwhile intersexual harassment was apparent. To work the afloat report, and spot much images obtained by the site, you tin spot Kotaku's afloat report right here. You tin besides larn much astir everything going connected currently, including Bobby Kotick's statement, the planned walkout, and more, here.

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