Republican Terror Grows As 1/6 Committee Launches Whistleblower Tip Line

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Everything that Republicans feared astir a 1/6 probe is coming existent arsenic the House Select Committee has started a whistleblower extremity line.

The extremity enactment leafage connected the committee website contains a abbreviated message, “Chairman Thompson is funny successful immoderate accusation regarding the January 6th Attack connected the United States Capitol. We respect your request to stay confidential and volition usage your interaction accusation lone to travel up with you regarding your submission.”

Republican Congressional Staffers May Have Valuable Information About The Attack

The extremity enactment appears to beryllium a assets for legislature staffers and radical who enactment successful the Capitol who whitethorn cognize thing astir the readying of the effort to overthrow the government.

It is simply a awesome that the committee is going to beryllium investigating members of Congress on with the Trump medication for perchance providing assistance, aid, and enactment to the attackers.

This Is What Republicans Have Always Been Afraid Of In A 1/6 Investigation

Republicans successful Congress mostly opposed an probe into January 6 due to the fact that they person secrets to hide. There has been reporting that Reps. similar Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene provided enactment to the radical who attacked the Capitol.

If Republicans successful Congress were progressive successful the attack, it volition crook the 2022 predetermination connected its ear, ruin legislature careers, and could pb to transgression charges.

Ignore the pugnacious speech and attempts to blasted Speaker Pelosi for the attack. Republicans are moving frightened due to the fact that the 1/6 Committee is already showing a willingness to excavation heavy to uncover the truth.

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