The NSA Just Smacked Down Fox News’s Tucker Carlson

3 months ago 28
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The NSA released a statement calling out Tucker Carlson‘s false claim that they are monitoring his show and trying to take him off of the air.

After Carlson claimed that the NSA is out to get him, the National Security Agency responded with a statement:

A statement from NSA regarding recent allegations:

— NSA/CSS (@NSAGov) June 30, 2021

Tucker Carlson tried to pull a con that is as old as the hills. The old the government is out to get me trick/the government is out to silence me has been used in the modern era by every conservative media figure from Rush Limbaugh on the radio to Glenn Beck on Fox News.

Carlson is the modern Glenn Beck, and just like Beck did during the beginning of the Obama administration, Carlson has found gold in selling conspiracy theories, lies, and racial division.

It is important that the NSA shoots nonsense like Tucker Carlson is spewing to his audience down.

Tucker Carlson isn’t a target of the government. He is a child of a wealthy family who is selling conspiracies and lies as facts to millions of viewers five nights a week on Fox News.

Tucker Carlson really wants the NSA to be spying on him, but the reality is that the Fox News host is just another right-wing media grifter who is filling the heads of his audience with lies.

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