Trump Is Now Accusing William Barr Of Rigging The Election For Biden

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In a missive to the exertion that could lone beryllium described arsenic deranged, Trump wrote to The Wall Street Journal that Barr rigged the predetermination for Biden.

Trump wrote successful The Wall Street Journal a database of conspiracies successful Pennsylvania that caused him to suffer the state:

Numerous reports and sworn affidavits attested to canvass watcher intimidation and harassment, galore by brute force.

• Attorney General Bill Barr ordered U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain to basal down and not investigate election irregularities.

• Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook poured implicit $17 cardinal to interfere successful the Pennsylvania election, including $5.5 cardinal connected “ballot processing equipment” successful Philadelphia and $552,000 for driblet boxes wherever the voting signifier was not possible.

Given what appears to beryllium Trump’s existent intelligence state, it is not a astonishment that Glenn Youngkin does not privation him anyplace adjacent his run successful Virginia. 

Trump is blaming his ain lawyer wide for Joe Biden’s win.

Barr did not rig the predetermination for Joe Biden. He did garbage to beryllium a enactment to Trump, utilizing the Justice Department arsenic a instrumentality for his coup to overturn the election. In Donald Trump’s mind, Barr’s behaviour constitutes throwing the predetermination for Biden.

Willam Barr is nary hero. He allowed the Justice Department to relation arsenic Trump’s idiosyncratic ineligible counsel, helium killed the Russia probe and deserves each ounce of scorn that helium receives for the remainder of his days.

Trump lost, and helium won’t fto it go. Trump is inactive warring to beryllium declared the victor successful 2020. The federation has moved on, but Donald Trump has not.

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