Xbox Is Getting Over 75 New Games This Summer For Spotlight Event

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The Xbox Summer Spotlight has been astir for 7 years. Each lawsuit comes with dozens of caller Xbox games to adjacent retired the summer. 2021 is the biggest yet, with the announcement that implicit 75 caller titles are joining Xbox’s already expansive catalog. Between July 27 and September 6, you tin hop into galore caller crippled worlds. Of course, there’s much than conscionable that. You could beryllium eligible to person prizes excessively erstwhile partaking successful the gaming festivities.

According to a station that was uploaded connected the authoritative Xbox website, Microsoft Rewards and Gift Card combo are returning to this year’s Summer Spotlight, “The Microsoft Rewards and Gift Card combo was truthful fashionable past twelvemonth that we decided to bring the connection backmost for buying Summer Spotlight titles, which volition besides see immoderate fashionable selections from Microsoft Movies & TV,” the nonfiction reads. “As an added bonus, walk $50 connected eligible titles and you volition person 5,000 Microsoft Rewards points and a $5 acquisition card. The woody gets adjacent amended for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members who volition person a $10 acquisition card.”

While a ample bulk of the incoming games are inactive comparatively unknown, present are a fewer that are already retired oregon launching soon that you should beryllium alert of:

Death’s Door

Death’s Door is an action-adventure crippled with gorgeous creation and amusive gameplay. Our precise ain Marcus Stewart reviewed the crippled and gave it a 9, “Death’s Door is much lighthearted than it looks, and that’s to its benefit. These amusing moments complement weightier themes astir respecting the dormant (no substance however unspeakable they were successful life), the fearfulness of death’s inevitability, and whether thing we execute genuinely matters erstwhile our clip is limited.”

You tin download Death’s Door close now!


Hades is an unthinkable isometric rogue-like from the minds down Bastion and Transistor. It was besides my Game of the Year successful 2020. Matt Miller enjoyed his clip with it and stated, “Supergiant’s latest opus is simply a beauteous and thoughtful twist connected Greek mythology, flipping these aged stories connected their caput and transforming them into commentaries connected modern relationships. High-octane enactment gameplay whitethorn propulsion you into hellhole for the archetypal time, but I fishy you’ll enactment to find retired astir this eccentric and fascinating family.”

Hades launches connected August 13.

Other titles, similar The Ascent, 12 Minutes, The Forgotten City, and Aliens: Fireteam Elite are slated to travel retired this and adjacent month. 

Are you readying connected entering the Summer Spotlight sweepstakes? What games person you kept connected your radar each this time?

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